3 Years Ago Richard Fortus Has Near Death Experience

Richard Fortus

Richard Fortus Posts Anniversary Photo of Motorcycle Accident!

3 years ago Richard Fortus was involved in a bad motorcycle accident that left him injured with a broken scapula in 2 places, my clavicle, 6 ribs and a big toe, lacerated my liver and bruised my lung then rode 2 hours back home. Richard Fortus posted a photo on instagram commemorating that anniversary below.

Slash Will Do His First Ask Me Anything On Reddit on September 20, 2018!

Slash revealed on social media today that he will be appearing on reddit to do an AMA later this week. Slash is out promoting his new album “Living the Dream”, which drops this Friday. Slash recently released a new song “My Antidote” from “Living the Dream” today. Check out his tweet below for more information. You can be rest assured he won’t be talking much about new music or Guns N’ Roses. It’ll be “generic” Guns N’ Roses fans asking him questions like:

“What age did you play guitar?”

“How much do you practice a day?”

“Where did you get your name?”

“Where did you get your tophat?”

“Who were some of your early influences?”

“How did you write Sweet Child of Mine?”

“Favourite Song Off This New Record”

“How did you meet Myles?”

“What’s your favourite scary movie?”

. We’ll have a full summary of his AMA this Thursday!



I’m doing a @reddit AMA this Thursday, September 20th at 4 PM CDT. 

“Living the Dream” Song”My Antidote” Released Online!

The studio recording of “My Antidote” was released by Slash’s YouTube channel today.

“My Antidote” has a pretty cool tom heavy drum beat. The intro is the most different sounding thing I’ve heard on the record so far. There are some killer Slash riffs in this song at the beginning.

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators have already premiered the song live at their gigs at the Whisky last week. This song joins “Driving Rain” and “Mind Your Manners”, which were both released as singles to support the group’s latest offering “Living the Dream”, which is due out September 21, 2018! Check out the new song below along with a live version of the song:

27 Years Ago Guns N’ Roses Released Their Double Album “Use Your Illusion 1” and “Use Your Illusion 2”

27 years ago today Guns N’ Roses released their long awaited double album titled “Use Your Illusion 1” and “Use Your Illusion 2”. The double album was named after a Mark Kostabi painting which was used as the front cover of both albums. Funny enough frontman Axl Rose paid a lot of money to use the images on the front cover of the album, but little did Axl know that the images were public domain and he could’ve gotten away with paying nothing.

The albums in my opinion feature Guns N’ Roses best work of their career. Epic songs like ‘Coma’, ‘Estranged’, ‘Don’t Cry’, ‘November Rain’, ‘Locomotive’ and ‘Civil War’ really showed how deep the talent of the band was. ‘Use Your Illusion 2’ was always considered the more commercial of the two albums and sold better than ‘Use Your Illusion 1’. Combined the albums have sold over 30 million copies worldwide. At the same time many fans felt the albums were bloated featuring some forgettable songs and was too much of a departure from ‘Appetite for Destruction’. including ‘My World’, The album was supported by a massive 2.5 year long tour that spanned 27 countries and saw the Gunners play 192 shows around the world. Marred by late starts, cancellations, the band walking off stage and riots, the Use Your Illusion tour is one of the most famous rock n’ roll tours of all time. The tour netted $56 Million, but the band didn’t make any money on the tour according to bassist Duff McKagan. McKagan claimed that the late starts and fines cut into the band’s earnings. Check out some video footage of the release of the album below along with a true story on the artwork of the album!