Guns N’ Roses Photographer Kat Benzova Reveals Photo of Her and Axl Rose Backstage!

Axl Rose

Kat Benzova Celebrates 8 Years As Guns N’ Roses Photographer With a Picture of Axl Rose!

Guns N’ Roses photographer Kat Benzova posted a photo of her with Axl Rose backstage exactly 8 years ago when she joined the band. Check out her inspirational message and thanks to Axl Rose and Beta Lebeis below!

Slash Will Do His First Ask Me Anything On Reddit on September 20, 2018!

Slash revealed on social media today that he will be appearing on reddit to do an AMA later this week. Slash is out promoting his new album “Living the Dream”, which drops this Friday. Slash recently released a new song “My Antidote” from “Living the Dream” today. Check out his tweet below for more information. You can be rest assured he won’t be talking much about new music or Guns N’ Roses. It’ll be “generic” Guns N’ Roses fans asking him questions like:

“What age did you play guitar?”

“How much do you practice a day?”

“Where did you get your name?”

“Where did you get your tophat?”

“Who were some of your early influences?”

“How did you write Sweet Child of Mine?”

“Favourite Song Off This New Record”

“How did you meet Myles?”

“What’s your favourite scary movie?”

. We’ll have a full summary of his AMA this Thursday!



I’m doing a @reddit AMA this Thursday, September 20th at 4 PM CDT. 

“Living the Dream” Song”My Antidote” Released Online!

The studio recording of “My Antidote” was released by Slash’s YouTube channel today.

“My Antidote” has a pretty cool tom heavy drum beat. The intro is the most different sounding thing I’ve heard on the record so far. There are some killer Slash riffs in this song at the beginning.

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators have already premiered the song live at their gigs at the Whisky last week. This song joins “Driving Rain” and “Mind Your Manners”, which were both released as singles to support the group’s latest offering “Living the Dream”, which is due out September 21, 2018! Check out the new song below along with a live version of the song: