25 Years Ago Today Guns N’ Roses Settles Steven Adler Lawsuit For $2.25 Million!

25 Years Ago Today The Steven Adler Trial Is Settled Out of Court!

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the settlement of the Steven Adler trial. Guns N’ Roses made a $2.25 million dollar out-of-court settlement payment to Steven Adler in respect of his October 1991 lawsuit. In addition to that, Steven Adler would be awarded 15% of royalties on all material he recorded with the band.

Adler was dismissed from Guns N’ Roses in July of 1990 after the band made numerous attempts to get him sober to record for the ‘Use Your Illusion’ records. Adler would be replaced by the Cult drummer Matt sorum. According to wikipedia ‘A year after his dismissal, in July 1991, Adler filed a lawsuit against his former Guns N’ Roses band mates, contending that he was fired because the opiate-blocking drug he had been taking to aid his detox interfered with his concentration.[23] He also alleged that the contract he had been made to sign took away his financial interest in the band, stating, “I was told that every time I did heroin, the band would fine me $2,000. … What these contracts actually said was that the band were paying me $2,000 to leave. They were taking my royalties, all my writing credits. They didn’t like me any more and just wanted me gone.”[2]The case was settled out of court in 1993;

Axl Rose’s deposition from the trial is available on YouTube! The trial would serve as the inspiration for the name of the band’s forthcoming album at the time ‘The Spaghetti Incident?” according to bassist Duff McKagan.

Duff McKagan Doesn’t Want to Discuss Izzy Stradlin

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan was interviewed by comedian Dean Delray about Izzy Stradlin’s exclusion from the reunion.

Dean discussed the mystique who was going to be in the band when the reunion was first announced.

Dean mentioned the rumors at the time, “Is Izzy in? Then boom, there is the Troubadour, and you see who is in. Then reports coming out of course, Izzy wanted this or whatever. It gets down to money, is that stuff real? Or is it a lot of fabricated stuff?”

Duff said, “I’m not sure what exactly you’re talking about. The thing is, I don’t really go on social media, or on the computer. When I’m busy doing my thing, nose to the grindstone, that’s what I’m doing. So we were rehearsing and doing stuff, I know there were a lot of rumors probably flying around, my wife would tell me stuff. I’m like no, that’s absolutely not anything close to what is happening. You know, I don’t really want to talk about machinations of how that came together. I’d rather it remain one of the last remaining mysteries. A lot of hard work, just a lot of hard work, and it was a real positive vibe about the whole thing.”

“Things were tried, and ascended to and not amended to, and you’ve just got to let it go, that’s it, and keep your nose to the grindstone. That was it, but it was all very positive.”

Matt Sorum Gives A Tour of A&M Studios Where Use Your Illusions Was Recorded!

Former Guns N’ roses drummer Matt Sorum gave his Instagram followers a walkthrough of the A&M Studios where Guns N’ Roses recorded the Use Your Illusion albums. Check it out below or go to his Instagram page here and click on A&M


Duff McKagan Visits the “Let There Be Rock Podcast” to Talk Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses Bassist Duff McKagan stopped by the “Let There Be Rock” Podcast to talk about Guns N’ Roses, more specifically the Use Your Illusion era. You can listen to the interview here

The interview was done at Duff’s house and you can even hear Susan in the background who made scrambled eggs for the host and Duff.

Below is a summary of what Duff McKagan had to say:

  • When Duff McKagan first worked with Axl Rose in 2010 he never really thought too much about Guns N’ Roses getting back together.
  • Duff McKagan talked about meeting Axl Rose in London in 2010 and getting on stage with him at the O2 arena and then going out for dinner with him the following night.
  • Duff McKagan said him and Slash have always been cool with each other.
  • Duff said he got a lot of flack from fans when a picture of him doing yoga with Richard Fortus appeared online from the 2014 South America tour.
  • Duff revealed that the first year and a half of Velvet Revolver they were losing money. Duff McKagan said “In the first year and a half for Velvet Revolver we were in the hole. Going out and doing all that stuff….but we loved what we were doing”.
  • Duff revealed that Guns N’ Roses didn’t start making money until 1988 when “Appetite for Destruction” started to sell and he would have to borrow money from his tech McBob to buy a sandwich.
  • Duff said he didn’t understand money when he was younger and had a punk rock hatred towards money.
  • Duff said that one of the things he first thought after his pancreas burst was whether anyone was ripping him off since there were a lot of people in Guns N’ Roses entourage. That forced Duff to go to business school.
  • Duff revealed the Neurotic Outsiders didn’t make any money.
  • Duff said he doesn’t go on social media or the internet to read about Guns N’ Roses rumors. Duff said his wife Susan would tell him stuff which was not true.
  • Duff didn’t want to talk about how the Guns N’ Roses reunion came together. He said it was a lot of hard work and there was a really positive vibe of the whole thing and an inclusive vibe. Duff revealed that things were tried and things were ascended to.
  • Duff said Axl picked “Coma” to perform live on the “Not in This Lifetime Tour” and he was impressed with Axl singing it every night. He said Axl is the most punk rock guy he knows.
  • Duff said the setlist starts out with the lower register songs because it is easier to sing at the beginning for a vocalist.
  • Duff said Axl’s vocal warmups are an hour and a half and he can hear Axl do his warmups at 6pm.
  • After the show Axl stays longer at the venue in the shower and does vocal warm downs.
  • Duff said there was no discussion between the band members about Axl showing up on time. He revealed sometimes Axl was ready to go on 15 to 20 minutes early.
  • Duff said that Axl used to have a “guy” (Chris “Rock N’ Roll” Pittman) and wouldn’t say anymore and that Melissa adds a lot and she is a Seahawks fan.
  • Duff said he still uses a Blackberry and said he’s not a huge fan of the phone. Duff said he never checks his voicemail.
  • Duff said he wrote half his book on the Blackberry.