Slash Reveals the Origins of Guns N’ Roses Song ‘Shadow of Your Love’

Slash Discusses the Origin of ‘Shadow of Your Love’

Slash was recently interviewed by Spotify on the show ‘Metal Talks’. He discussed the origin of the song saying:

“Shadow of Your Love was one of these songs that Guns N’ Roses was doing when I first started with those guys. I actually saw Axl, and Izzy and Chris Weber play in a version of Hollywood Rose when around a time when Axl and Izzy and I first met. Like before I didn’t know who they were Steven had talked me into going to Gazarri’s to see them play. And I was pretty much sort of a home body I hated the scene on Sunset Strip at the time so much I didn’t like going up there, but Steven loved it and said you gotta go check out this singer . So i finally went up there with him and I saw Chris and Axl and I don’t know who was playing bass, but Izzy was playing there. And I think ‘Shadow of Your Love’ might have been as old as that. There were two songs that I remember playing when I got involved with Axl and Izzy and it Shadow Of Your Love and a song called Reckless Life anyways Shadow was one of those first songs when Guns got together and I became involved with that. I don’t even know who wrote it, Chris Weber may have wrote it, I’m not sure.

We played as part of our set pretty early on in 1985 and it sort of got phased out as we wrote a lot of new material that was sort of more complex and a little more thought out than ‘Shadow of Your Love’ was But it’s fun playing it now. It’s amazing in 2018 to be introducing a song we haven’t played since 1985. But that particular song was the song that we used to demo Mike Clink when we were looking for someone to produce the record. Tom Zutaut introduced us to Ron Nevison’s engineer Mike Clink who had worked on Heart records. But the one thing, he engineered UFO records and he did the “Strangers In the Night” and it was my automatic like “Strangers of the Night’ at least for guitar players was one of the great guitar player standards for metal guitar player. Michael Shanker and all that and so I thought okay this guy will be interesting so we went into the studio with Mike Clink just to try him and out and see what it would sound like and we recorded ‘Shadow of Your Love’.. That version of the song we just released is the demo version that we did back from 1986.  ”