Slash To Tour United States In Summer 2019!


Slash Calls Into WRIF Detroit

Slash called into WRIF Detroit’s ‘Radio Chatter’ Podcast to promote his latest album ‘Living the Dream’. The interviewer mentions that Slash has recently released the music video for ‘Driving Rain’ You can listen to the interview here. Slash revealed at the tail end of his interview that he would be doing another run of dates next summer in the United States (and I would assume Canada as well). Towards the interview this exchange happened between Slash and the interviewer:

The interviewer said “I know you don’t have any tour stops in Detroit for the end of the year here, but I’m sure we’ll see you sooner rather than later and man the record kicks butt and thanks so much for the time Slash” and Slash responded by saying “Alright and thanks and we’ll be coming around again in the summer of next year”. Slash has made it clear that the ‘Not in This Lifetime Tour’ will end in November of this year when the band plays Asia.

Slash discussed the following topics for the rest of the interview:

  • On new Guns N’ Roses music Slash said the following “I mean, I feel pretty confident that something’s gonna happen and there’s no deadline on it and so I couldn’t tell you when but I feel pretty secure in saying that we’re gonna do something you know so it will happen when it happens as with any gn’r thing you can’t put any restraint on time”
  • Slash said he definitely feels like he’s “living the dream”.
  • Slash said the song ‘My Antidote’ is really about taking things to a certain extreme and the effect that it has on you and it’s pretty much geared towards rock n’ roll and taking it to it’s furthest extreme and we tend to do. He said it’s sort of autobiographical. Slash said Myles Kennedy may have a different meaning for the song than him.
  • Slash spoke positively about Myles Kennedy and how they hooked up back in 2010.
  • Slash said Myles’ last solo album was great.
  • The interviewer talked about the Ford Field show that Guns N’ Roses played in 2016 during the ‘Not in This Lifetime Tour’ and said how awesome it was. Slash said Guns N’ Roses is once in a lifetime type of band.
  • Slash said that Guns N’ Roses didn’t plan on playing 4 hour shows. He says as the tour progressed they kept adding more songs in.