Slash Reveals His Favourite Frontmen of All Time!

Slash in NYC

Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Reveals His Favourite Frontman of All Time!

Slash was one of many musicians interviewed by Forbes Magazine to give their opinion on the greatest frontmen of all time. Check out Slash’s picks below!


I’d have to give it to Mick Jagger and James Brown, and I know they’re very much related, but both those guys were so committed. And then Michael [Jackson]. Axl [Rose] is one of the best frontmen of all time too. They’re so committed to the show and so aware of how important that dynamic is.

Slash Discusses The Current State of Rock N’ Roll

Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash gave an interview to where he talked about the current state of rock music. He said the following:

“Yeah this is a broad question. The whole rock is dead, rock isn’t dead thing. My feeling on it is that rock n’ roll is more of a spirit and attitude and sort of something that people love when it is delivered sincerely. So that will always be around  it’s just a matter especially the industry it’s really hard to sort of hard to navigate what is happening with it and how people are going along with making music ,what is the criteria for making music nowadays and what’s the monetary support that goes along with that. It’s definitely sort of like the wild west out there, but Rock N’ Roll as an entity or a medium will always be there because people always relate to that sort of freedom of expression kind of a thing.”

Slash Talks to LA Times About GNR, New Album and More!

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash gave an interview recently to the Los Angeles Times where he discussed reforming with Guns N’ Roses, his new record ‘Living the Dream’ and more! About Axl Rose he said

When Axl and I had our first conversation in 20 years, it was really great,” Slash says from an office inside his Snakepit Studios, a house on a quiet residential street in the San Fernando Valley that he recently purchased and subsequently converted into a recording facility.

“It was a huge load off my mind for him and I to talk, because there’s been so much bad blood perpetuated over the years by the media.”

Soon after, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival announced the headlining act for its events in the spring of 2016 – a partial Guns N’ Roses reunion featuring Slash, Rose and original bassist Duff McKagan. Knowing that additional GNR performances (which would ultimately include shows at Dodger Stadium, the Forum and Staples Center) would follow, Slash broke the news to Kennedy and his Conspirators band mates.

A new album would be postponed indefinitely.

“I went to the Conspirators guys and said, ‘Look, I’m going to do this Guns N’ Roses thing. I have no idea where that’s going to go,’” Slash recalls. “Of course, the Guns N’ Roses thing turned into this juggernaut, but I was always looking for a gap to be able to go back and finish what we started with the Conspirators. I had no intention of putting that to rest just because Guns N’ Roses was happening.”

Slash says that while his Conspirators band members supported his return to GNR, he felt a sense of guilt over leaving them hanging.

“We’d been doing this up until that point for pretty much five years straight, so that, I felt bad about,” he explains. “But Guns was a major part of who I am, and I was so happy to be doing something positive with that [again].”