Slash Calls Into Milwaukee Radio Station!

Slash in NYC

Slash Calls Into Milwaukee Radio Station

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash called into a Milwaukee radio station last week. You can listen to the full interview here (scroll to bottom of the page). I’ve summarized what Slash said below!

  • Slash talked about how he met Myles. We’ve heard this story a million times already.
  • Slash said Myles first recorded ‘Starlight’ and then they decided to do a second song which would become ‘Back from Cali”
  • Slash said he was surprised when Myles said yes to touring with Slash in 2010.
  • Slash discussed Guns N’ Roses reunion interrupting the Conspirators follow up to ‘World on Fire’
  • Slash said when Guns N’ Roses got off the road late last year in the States, the Conspirators started wrapping up “Living the Dream” album and finished up the record in May of this year.
  • The DJ’s played ‘Driving Rain’ and talked about how awesome it was.
  • Slash talked about the video for ‘Driving Rain’ and how they came up with the concept. Slash said they talked to a bunch of different directors and every director wanted to do a dark video, but Slash said he wanted to do something different. Slash said he called up the guys at Stupid Buddy and gave them a budget and timeline and they came back with a concept to use puppets that Slash liked. Slash said the puppets are called Grace.
  • The DJ’s asked Slash about his jewelry and he said Meegan picks him up stuff and he has some people who make him stuff. He also said fans give him stuff. Slash said he doesn’t like shopping.
  • The DJ’s joked that they could go shopping for Slash in the future and get him some bracelets and other items. The DJ’s really are rip off’s of Howard Stern it seems.