Perla Hudson Claims Slash Wasn’t Always There For His Kids!

Slash and Perla Hudson

Perla Hudson (AKA Perla Ferrar) Claims Slash Wasn’t Always Around For The Kids

Perla Hudson (aka Perla Ferrar), Slash’s Ex-Wife gave an interview to the ‘Left Unsupervised’ Podcast where she talked about her marriage to the Guns N’ Roses guitarist and bitter divorce. She revealed during the interview that the top-hatted guitarist wasn’t always there for his kids. She praised his guitar playing skills as well.

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“If Slash ever hears this one day, the truth of the matter is, and I’ve told him always, ‘You can’t be the best at everything,'” she said. “He is hands down the world’s best guitar player of all times. I give this to this man — hats off, salute. I see his dedication. Yeah, he has a natural talent, but this man works for it. There’s a guitar in his hands 24-7, and I give him that. But you can’t be the best that and be a great business person. And you can’t be great at all these other things. And that’s more or less what I’ve been telling my children — it’s the same thing. They’re, like, ‘Why isn’t our dad there more? Why isn’t dad like so-and-so’s dad?’, and what have you. And the truth is that’s not who he is — he’s never gonna be that. He’s the best at this other thing that gives us this lifestyle, and he loves you the way he loves you. And that’s how he’s capable of loving you; it’s not that he doesn’t love you…

Perla was reportedly banned from Slash’s recent concert at the Hollywood Palladium this week. Perla still attended the show without incident according to our sources. The ban may have had to do with the fact that Perla threw a massive divorce party with both of her sons in attendance with a cake which took a shot at her ex-husband.