Is a New Guns N’ Roses Pinball Machine on the Way?

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Post on the MYGNRFORUM Seems to Indicate We May See Another Guns N’ Roses Pinball Machine!

A member of the MYGNRFORUM posted a direct message with pinball machine maker Jersey Jack Pinball which asked for a new Guns N’ Roses pinball machine. In addition to that a Slash fangroup from France on Twitter tweeted a few weeks ago that Slash has been working with jersey Jack Pinball on a new Guns N’ Roses pinball machine. Check out the exchange and twitter post below. Take it for what it’s worth. The last Guns N’ Roses pinball machine was released in 1994 by Data East. In a recent interview Slash did he briefly mentioned a new pinball machine.  According to the poster

“popular” rumor on the pinball forums has Jersey Jack releasing a new GNR machine as their seventh machine, in 2020 (they just released Pirates of the Caribbean, their fourth machine.)”


GNR Pinball Machine
GNR Pinball Machine?

Gilby Clarke Turned Down “Not in This Lifetime Tour” Offer

Former Guns N’ Roses star Gilby Clarke revealed in a new interview with Eddie Trunk that he turned down an offer to join Guns N’ Roses on stage during the “Not in This Lifetime Tour”. This isn’t the first time he’s revealed this. He said earlier this year he turned down a chance to join them on stage because they couldn’t get things to work out. He said the following:

“Oh yeah, no – they did, yeah, they did, when it first started, they did reach out to me to come and play.” Clarke says when asked if the group reached out to him in an interview with Eddie Trunk which can be heard below. “I have said that they did ask me before, I’ve never said why I didn’t do it. The real reason is, they asked me, but you know my daughter Frankie has a band [Frankie + The Studs], they asked me the same day my daughter’s band was playing Lollapalooza [in July 2016], which was like the biggest break for her band and stuff. It was the same day they were playing Lollapalooza and I had to be there, and I couldn’t really give that up to go be the third guitar player in the band.”

Clarke first linked up with Guns N’ Roses in late-1991 for the Use Your Illusion tour, and remained with the band until 1995. Though he wasn’t inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with the rest of the group in 2012, he did jam on a few songs with them at the ceremony, though both frontman Axl Rose and Stradlin were absent.

“I have nothing against it,” Clarke says of possibly performing with GNR at some point in the future. “It’s just that didn’t work out for me.”

The Guns N’ Roses “Not In This Lifetime…” tour, which sees bassist Duff McKagan and guitarist Slash back in the fold, has been a massive success. It was listed as the fourth-biggest tour of all time in January of this year. Next month, a staggering 10th leg of the tour will begin in Mexico and run through the beginning of December, closing out in Honolulu, Hawaii. The full list of shows can be found here.