Former AC/DC Drummer Compares Axl Rose to Brian Johnson

Axl Rose and Angus Young

Simon Wright Compares Axl Rose to Brian Johnson

In a recent interview at “The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show”, former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright explained his thoughts about Axl Rose’s performance with AC/DC.

He also compared Axl Rose to Brian Johnson. Here’s the statement:

“I thought when Axl came in, I thought he did an amazing job. It’s really difficult to fill somebody’s shoes like Brian, but he came in there, and I thought he did a great job. And I’m assuming he saved the tour, ’cause it’s hard to carry on with no singer.

So I think he did a really good job. As far as what’s happening is now, I know as much as you [do] — I read it on the Internet and stuff — but if what they’re saying is happening, I think it’s fantastic. I think the world is righted again — they’re together making music, and that’s awesome.

Asked what AC/DC’s work ethic was like when he was in the band, Simon Wright responded:

It was kind of relaxed. But, obviously, when we went on stage, it wasn’t — it was just full-on exhaustion, two hours a night. Yeah, that part of it was really intense.But rehearsals were kind of laid back. They knew exactly what they were doing; I wasn’t sure, but I did what I did, so… [Laughs]

Guns N’ Roses Are Still Trying to Sell “Locked and Loaded” Appetite for Destruction box sets.

Guns N’ Roses are apparently giving fans 30% off the “Locked and Loaded” Appetite for Destruction box set. The original price is $999 US, with the discount only offering it for a mere $699 US. Personally I think it’s a giant waste of money but it’s up to you what you want to do with it. You can check out the sale here.

Jonah Hill Revealed His Dad Used to Be Guns N’ Roses Accountant!

Last week actor Jonah Hill appeared on the Howard Stern show to promote his new movie “Mid90’s”, which see’s the actor make his directorial debut this weekend at the box office. During the interview with the politically correct radio host, Hill talked about his love of music and also revealed that his father Richard Feldstein was once a tour accountant for Guns N’ Roses. Hill made it clear that his father wasn’t exactly hanging out with members of the band and he was more of a behind the scenes kind of person. In a separate interview with CBS, Hill said the following of his Guns N’ Roses connection:

“It wasn’t like I was going to Guns N’ Roses concerts when I was four years old or anything,” Hill laughed. “And it’s not like Axl Rose is like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna go party with my accountant tonight!’ My dad’s, like, an accountant, you know?”

Guns N’ Roses touring members, backing vocalist Roberta Freeman and multi-instrumentalist Teddy “Zig Zag” Andreadis, recently recalled the infamous GN’R/Metallica 1992 riot in Montreal.

You can check out the conversation with Appetite for Distortion below (via Alternative Nation):

Teddy: “I’ll never forget we were down in the dressing rooms, I was sitting there with Slash… you can hear them going crazy…”

Roberta: “I was so scared… Teddy, you don’t remember what happened… the girls, the horn section… we got left behind. The limos got you, and Slash, and Axl, and Duff, and Matt out. And Dizzy out. And the girls were left behind and we had to wait it out.”

Teddy: “I didn’t know that.”

Roberta: “It just sounded like they were going to beat the doors down and get backstage and kill us… it really felt like Armageddon.”

They both went on to detail that Axl and the band themselves had no idea they were left behind. When asked how they feel their version of GN’R compares to others, Teddy replied:

“I think Roberta will tell you that we thought that our incarnation of the Guns band was the best.

“We had the singers, we had the horns and everything was done live… I thought we had the best band. There’s all these different incarnations of the Guns N’ Roses now, and you know it’s fine, but ours was something special.”

The riot took place on August 8, 1992. Metallica’s set was cut short after James Hetfield was horrifically injured in a pyrotechnics accident. The frontman was instantly transported to the hospital, but it took GN’R over two hours to grace the stage, only for Axl Rose to walk offstage six songs in. You can check out some footage from the incident below, along with a full news report.