Melissa Reese Talks Axl Rose, Slash and New Guns N’ Roses Music!

Melissa Reese

Melissa Reese Interviewed by Esquire Magazine During Band’s Stop in Philippines

Guns N’ Roses second keyboardist Melissa Reese was interviewed by Esquire Magazine. Check out the interview here and some snippets I’ve included below

ESQ: So I’ll name members of the band and you tell me the first thing that comes into your head. Let’s start with Axl Rose.

MR: Oh man. Axl is awesome. He’s an icon, an amazing singer and musican. He’s fiercely loyal and really funny. The first time I met him was at the House of Blues, I was really intimidated.

ESQ: Slash?

Slash really likes candy, like me. He likes horror. He has a quiet confidence and he’s an incredible and moving musician. He speaks with his guitar, loves what he does and really fun to be on stage with.

ESQ: Duff?

Duff and I are super close. I mean I’m close with all of them, but Duff is my big guy. We pretend like we’re a funny police duo, he’s Big Guy and I’m Pipsqueak. We’re both from Seattle so we have a lot in common. We’re crazy Seahawks fans. We watch the NFL sports package in our hotel room with our jerseys on. He’s awesome. An  amazing dude. Really supportive and really smart.

ESQ: Dizzy?  

MR: I was afraid of him the first time I saw him. He looked like Jesus! But he’s one of my favorite people. We talk a lot of stuff about football. He’s so important to me, so supportive, so positive and so funny. I love him to death.

ESQ: Richard?

MR: Richard works out a lot, like Duff. He’s an extremely technically proficient guitar player. He can play anything. And he’s super fun to be on stage with.

ESQ: And finally, Frank?

MR: Frank is basically family. I adore him. He’s so amazing and talented. And he’s so open. There’s lots of love he brings to drumming.

ESQ: Can we expect new music from Guns N’ Roses?

MR: Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to say. I hope for the best. Anything that allows me to spend more time with my big bros, I embrace a thousand, million, billion percent. But I hope. I hope.