Rolling Stone Magazine Mentions GNR Central!

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Rolling Stone Magazine Publishes Article on “Chinese Democracy” 10th Year Anniversary and Mentions GNR Central!

Rolling Stone Magazine published an article about 10 things you didn’t know about “Chinese Democracy”. You can read the full article here. The number 2 point mentions our interview with Producer on the album between 98-2000 Sean Beaven.


2. The majority of Axl’s vocals were recorded nine years before the album was actually released.
During his time in the producer’s seat, Sean Beavan recorded 35 songs for the album before amicably parting ways with the band in 2000. “There’s a certain thing you have to have with Axl, and I don’t think we ever had the right guy [producing the record],” Tommy Stinson told Yahoo! Entertainment in 2017. “Sean Beavan was the closest, and most of the songs on that record pretty much started and ended up with what he did.”

Indeed, despite the subsequent involvement of producer Roy Thomas Baker, who convinced Axl to re-record most of the album, Axl apparently decided to keep most of the vocals he’d recorded with Beavan and use them on the album. In a February 2018 interview for the Guns N’ Roses Central podcast, Beavan recalled that he was surprised to see himself credited on eight of the 14 album tracks. “Most of the vocals they used on the record were the ones that I had done in ’99,” he said. I’m sure every single thing I recorded was re-recorded by somebody else, because the band members changed so much — and every time the band changed, Axl would want to re-record with the new guy. I think the only things that didn’t get re-recorded were the vocals.”


They even talked about Axl Rose wasting studio time re-recording “Appetite for Destruction”.

3. Axl wasted studio time re-recording Appetite for Destruction with new GNR members.
Chinese Democracy songs weren’t the only things that kept getting re-recorded whenever the Guns N’ Roses lineup changed. Axl also burned countless studio hours re-recording tracks from Appetite for Destruction with his new bandmates. In a November 1999 interview with Kurt Loder of MTV News, Axl revealed that the current membership had re-recorded the entire record “with the exception of two songs, because we replaced those with ‘You Could Be Mine,’ and ‘Patience.’ ” He went on to justify the re-recordings, saying, “Well, we had to rehearse them anyway to be able to perform them live again, and there were a lot of recording techniques and certain subtle styles and drum fills and things like that that are kind of Eighties signatures that subtly could use a little sprucing up … a little less reverb and a little less double bass and things like that.”

Axl insisted to Loder that these re-recordings were simply a way to get the new GNR members into the proper spirit of things. “Learning the old Guns songs and getting them up, you know, putting them on tape, really forced everybody to get them up to the quality that they needed to be at,” he explained. “Once the energy was figured out by the new guys, how much energy was needed to get the songs right, then it really helped in the writing and recording process of the new record.”