Warner Brothers Releases Statement on Axl Rose’s Appearance on Looney Tunes

Axl Rose on Looney Tunes

Warner Brothers Confirms Axl Rose Did Appear on Looney Tunes

According to Classic Hits and Oldies, it has been confirmed that Axl Rose appeared the most recent episode of Looney Tunes

Axl Rose‘s voice on New Looney Tunes. A rep for Warner Bros. Animation confirms to ABC Radio that the Guns N’ Roses frontman is indeed singing and talking on a recent episode of the animated program.

In the episode, and animated version of Rose stumbles across Bugs Bunny and company, and they all unite to play a song called “Rock the Rock” in order to stop an asteroid from destroying the Earth — you know, typical Looney Tunes stuff.

“Rock the Rock” marks the first new Axl tune to follow GNR’s 2008 album, Chinese Democracy.

Also in the clip, Rose pokes fun at his past sartorial choices and suggests at one point that he should “go back to wearing a mesh jersey and a kilt on stage.”

Rose is certainly a fan of Looney Tunes — Guns N’ Roses used the original show’s iconic theme song as intro music during their Not in This Lifetime reunion tour.

Tommy Stinson Talks About Axl Rose Keeping the Band’s Name

Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson gave a recent interview to Billboard Magazine where he talked about his time in Guns N’ Roses. He also talked about why Axl Rose didn’t change name of the band when making “Chinese Democracy”. He said:

“When I talked to Axl, his idea was very much punk rock. He owned the name and was like, ‘the other guys all quit, and I got the name and I’m going on. I’m going on as Guns N’ Roses.’ Call me kooky, but at the moment, I was like, ‘well man, I’m with you.’”

Back in October 2018, another former Guns N’ Roses drummer Chris Vrenna talked about same topic and said:

“After he left (bassist Duff McKagan), I even had a talk with Axl one time like, ‘You know, you’re changing the sound of the band and it’s really just you and we’re all new dudes and we all come from cool places. But have you ever thought of just saying, ‘Screw Guns N Roses – that name is dead, the band is over. We are now called blank.’?‘”

And he goes, ‘Yeah you’re not the first person who’s told me I should probably do that. But Guns N’ Roses is an international brand name, and to start over when I can just use the brand name that everybody knows, I can’t sacrifice the branding that’s already been established.‘

And I got his argument for not changing the name. But I also firmly believed in what I was saying. If Axl Rose came out and said, ‘Look, man. Everybody’s quit the band. If I call this Guns N’ Roses, you guys are going to laugh at me,’ which a lot of people did because it’s not what we know as Guns N Roses.”