Slash Spotted At Museum With His Bandmates


Slash Goes to the Smithsonian With Conspirators

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was photographed at the Smithsonian with his bandmates in the Conspirators: Frank Sidoris and Brent Fitz. Check it out below!

Steven Adler Photographed With George Bensen

Guns N’ Roses former Drummer Steven Adler posted a photo of himself with Jazz guitar legend George Bensen in Arizona. Adler was in town to play a gig with his band Adler’s Appetite. Check out the photo below!

Skid Row’s Former Frontman Talks Axl Rose and Reissuing Old Albums!

Former Skid Row Singer Sebastian Bach gave an interview to Ultimate Classic Rock where the topic of Axl Rose came up. Check out excerpts from the interview below!

Lightening things up a bit, let’s talk about your appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1991 and the infamous “Kiddie Metal” skit. Since then you’ve branched out into theater, television, but that was the first thing outside the parameters of rock and roll you did. Was it the impetus to be like, “You know what, I’m gonna do more than this?”

That’s kind of viral now, I see that pop up a lot. It wasn’t even me deciding, it was them asking me to do it. That was Kiefer Sutherland and Adam Sandler; they wanted me to be in the skit. We also did another skit when Nirvana were the musical guests. We were on that episode with Chris Farley at a mall and Adam Sandler was a chick and we were doing an in-store or something, so it was kinda weird. I’ve been on the show a couple times and Robot ChickenJohnny Bravo; I’m on all those shows. My voice has a life of its own – that’s for sure, but I love singing rock and roll. I know that the fact that I can still scream like that, I’m meant to be doing this. There’s just so few guys who are screaming – like at all. Axl [Rose] is, Steven Tyler is, Ian GillanRob Halford

You’re known as the guy who kind of brought Axl Rose back into the spotlight with that 2006 radio interview when he had basically disappeared for so many years. You joined the reunion lineup for their second show in Las Vegas back in 2016. Did you have any idea how huge the whole thing was going to be, with them touring almost through the end of this year?

Well, there’s very much professional jealousy because my band are too self-absorbed to even think about our 30th anniversary or re-releasing the old records on vinyl or putting out Oh Say Can You Scream on Blu-ray, like, obvious just doesn’t happen for Skid Row fans.