Former Manager: Axl Rose Warned Slash & Duff About Grunge Music

Axl Rose and Slash Monterrey Mexico

Doug Goldstein Talks About Axl Being a Huge Alice in Chains Fan

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein discussed Axl Rose’s love of Grunge music like Alice In Chains and Nirvana in a new Guns N’ Roses Central interview. He also said Axl had to convince Slash and Duff McKagan to listen to Grunge bands like Nirvana and Alice In Chains. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“He loved Alice In Chains, he liked them a lot. I told you before but Axl had to get the guys in GNR, in particular Slash and Duff, to listen to Nirvana. He was like, ‘Guys, this is where music is going.’”

Goldstein also discussed a possible new Guns N’ Roses album. A host mentioned he is happy now, and how that could influence it.

Goldstein responded, “God forbid, being this happy, you don’t have that angst to write from, so it could end up being a Sesame Street record if you’re not careful I think. I’m joking, obviously it wouldn’t be, because Axl is a phenomenal lyric writer.”

A host mentioned it could have political themes, and said Axl followed the news and was well read.

Goldstein said, “I wouldn’t say watching the news, but the first comments you made, very well read. He reads and reads, his vocabulary is incredible, he’s very verbose. Everybody knows he’s a genius. Back when I was working with him, he loved reading and stayed on top of it, and I think that’s what set his mind.”

Slash Likes Katy Perry’s Music, At Least Some of It!

Ahead of Slash’s gig with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators in Singapore, the top-hatted guitarist revealed that he is a fan of some of Katy Perry’s songs from a few years ago. Check out the exchange below! He also mentioned several years ago at the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards that he liked “California Girls” from Perry’s 2010 album “Teenage Dream”

2. Are there any mainstream pop songs you like?

I can’t think of any right at the moment but I will admit that there were a couple Katy Perry songs a few years ago that were really good.

Slash Reveals Management Was Responsible for Him Leaving Guns N’ Roses in 1996

Slash discussed Steven Adler lying about his drug use and who was responsible for him leaving Guns N’ Roses in a recent WTF with Marc Maron interview. Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.

In terms of looking back like a sober cat, how much did drugs shred Guns N’ Roses ultimately?

“We were touring, and for the most part I didn’t use, I drank, which was always acceptable. But when we were off the road for an extended period of time, I’d go down the black hole and I had to pull myself out of it and all that.

“Obviously, any kind of chemical influence is going to have some bearing on your logic and how you handle certain situations, so I can’t say, ‘No, it wasn’t that.’”

But you were losing members?

“What, like to death? No. The ‘clean up and get better’ came later, we had a situation with Steven [Adler] that happened, it was pretty irretrievable in a way. We were trying to get him together, but he just, you know, he’s still around…

“There was the lying and all that, and it just wasn’t going anywhere, and Steven wasn’t that kind of a person that under the influence he could just show up and play.

“I’d say it was more of business management that really was the catalyst for splitting up, at least for my leaving, the underlying theme was definitely that.

“It wasn’t necessarily about money, it was about money for those guys. For us, it wasn’t about money, but it was also, you know, playing guys against each other, and I didn’t want to get into all that.

“It’s a complex, and ultimately very personal thing, so we just like, after a while, you know it’s not even worth trying to explain.”

So your real name is Saul. Are you jewish?

“No, but I’m in the book of Jewish famous people, which is funny. If you were to ask my dad about it, he was talking about King Saul, and so it’s a different thing.”

What did your dad do?

“He’s a graphic designer and photographer artist, he’s still around. During this time, he was doing all the album covers for Asylum records. We moved to LA in ’71.”

Crazy. Did you know David Crosby?

“Yeah, and Joni Mitchell – my mom did her clothes, my dad did the buffers, Zappa’s down the street… I used to love the swans, he had this big lake, his house is on the corner of Laurel and Woodrow Wilson Lookout Mountain.

“There was a big, huge tall shrubbery that surrounded the whole thing, but if you peeked inside, there was a lake in there, and he had swans. Because they have swans in England. That made me feel like home.”