Appetite for Distortion Interviews Doug Goldstein

Doug Goldstein with Axl and Slash

Doug Goldstein Calls Into Appetite for Distortion Podcast

Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Doug Goldstein called into Brando’s Appetite for Distortion podcast. I’ve summarized what they discussed below! You can listen to the full interview here.

Doug thought it was cool that Axl showed up on Looney Tunes. Doug said that Axl loves kids citing his Halloween parties he used to have back in the day.

  • Doug said that Axl has a really great sense of humor. He said it’s great that Axl is smiling a lot more now.
  • Doug talked about hanging out in Ohio with Geoff from GNR Central Podcast.
  • Doug said he has been prodded by his friends to write a book. He was the most coherent person during the Use Your Illusion tour. Doug said he would give the money away to charity for the book.
  • Doug said he doesn’t drink anymore. He doesn’t feel right doing it if he is representing a charity. Doug also said he used to be a bodyguard so in that job you can’t really drink. He started to drink when he was a bit older in his 30’s when he got off the road.
  • Doug said he isn’t motivated by money because it brought a lot of negativity into his life and people who he thought were friends who ended up having alternative motives.
  • Doug said that band members in Guns N’ Roses complained about Alan Niven wanting to party with the band, while Doug was more behind the scenes.
  • Doug never thought he’d be a Manager, he thought he’d be a tour manager.
  • Doug said he got a call from two managers who said “Your last name is Goldstein, there’s no Jewish bodyguards.” he said jokingly.
  • Doug said he was made a half partner in Alan Niven’s company. Alan Niven was Guns N’ Roses Manager from 1987-1991 before he was fired.
  • Doug said Alan was really good to him giving him 50% of the company. He said he hates the bad blood between them in the press and that Alan was great dealing with the record company but didn’t know much about the road, but that they made a great team.
  • Doug mentioned that Axl and Alan Niven didn’t like each other from the start.
  • Doug said he never felt like he was over his head when he was Guns N’ Roses manager.
  • Doug said one of his creeds in life is “Once I stop learning and laughing is the day I die”.
  • Doug said Peter Mensch of Q-Prime Management (Metallica’s Management) was his mentor in a lot of ways and taught him a lot
  • Doug Goldstein revealed he is not Jewish, because his Mom isn’t Jewish. Doug said at the end of the day we are all worshipping the same God.
  • A caller asked how the band managed to travel with drugs. The caller revealed that he met Slash in 1997 and he was a total mess. He went to the bathroom and locked the door. Read between the lines folks.
  • Doug said one of his jobs was to keep the dealers away from the band. Doug said he didn’t see the band members carry it around.
  • Doug disputed Slash’s story in his book going to a resort in Arizona so Doug could play golf. Doug said he teed off at 5:30 am and was done in two hours. Typically Slash would sleep at 5:30 am. Doug said he also learned not to book hotels for the band in downtown of cities due to the availability of dealers.
  • Doug said that Axl has good morals and doesn’t harm people intentially. to Doug that is someone who is spiritual and thinks that Axl is a god fearing person. Axl never denounced the existence of a creator in the presence of Doug.
  • Doug said that Alan Niven had a fascination with going to New Orleans and black magic. Doug said he hopes that Alan has changed his ways and thinks it’s hypocritical for Alan to criticize Axl for singing in AC/DC.
  • Doug said that he thinks Izzy Stradlin and Axl love each other growing up in a small town, but it’s become complicated. Doug said he thinks they’ve hurt each other’s feelings through the past but he’d love to hear them repair their relationship.
  • Doug said he doesn’t agree with Marc Canter’s assessment that if the “Appetite 5” were in a room together they wouldn’t cry. Doug said Tim Collins of Aerosmith fan did a great job of hiring a therapist and getting the band members to work out their problems.
  • Doug said he has two favourite memories of Guns N’ Roses: Freddie Mercury tribute or 2 Night at Rock in Rio.
  • Doug said his favourite Axl memory was that when Doug’s contract was up Axl stuck up for him because the other band members wanted to cut his percentage down. Axl said he’d rather cut the percentage from the band members because Doug works harder than all of them.
  • Doug said he was travelling every friday night between 2000-2004 to Hawaii to be with his family. At one point Doug asked Axl if he could manage the band from Hawaii and Axl wanted him in Los Angeles. That was how they parted ways. Doug said it wasn’t true that he was fired by Axl. Doug said that Axl was upset with him over some other stuff – probably business related items.
  • Doug said his first son’s band Hunny is doing really well and doesn’t want his Dad’s help because he doesn’t want to know as the kid who rode the Guns N’ Roses train.
  • Doug disputed Slash’s version of events saying he was the catalyst for the band breaking up in the mid 90’s.
  • Doug said he was okay being the fall guy for having the band working together again.
  • Doug said that Paul Tobias [Huge] was brought in as a temporary replacement for Gilby after he left the band in 1994. Doug told Slash and Duff that Paul was temporary until Slash and Duff found someone else. Doug said that Paul knew he didn’t have a permanent gig.
  • Doug said that he never booked a tour without Axl’s knowledge. Doug indicated that Axl wanted that tour and then changed his mind.
  • Doug said he loves Josh Freese and that he left before the band hit the road was because there wasn’t a whole lot going on.
  • Doug also had great things to say about Richard Fortus.
  • Doug said he met Brian May a bunch of times. He’s a great guy Doug said, but Doug said he wasn’t at the recording sessions for “Catcher in the Rye” when Brian put the solo on.
  • Doug was asked about why Guns N’ Roses never played Woodstock in 1994. He said he doesn’t remember being asked to play it and said the band just got off the road after 2.5 years and wanted to take some time off.
  • Doug couldn’t remember exactly which year recording started. It all blended together. Doug said it was a seven year process when he left the band in 2004, so it would have started in 1997.
  • Doug said he wasn’t surprised when Robin Finck came back to the band after first leaving. Axl liked Robin a lot, but at the same time Doug was surprised Axl let him back in. Typically when someone left Axl he wouldn’t let him come back.
  • Doug said that back in the day Slash spent a lot of time practicing on guitar and said he’s a great guitar.
  • Doug said originally “Welcome to the Jungle” was supposed to be in Terminator 2 based on a phone call he had with Tom Zutaut, but Doug wanted something newer so “You Could Be Mine” was used instead. Doug said Arnold Schwarzegger was a really nice guy and knew what all the members drank when he had the members over for a meeting. Doug said he got the film production company to pay for the video so it was free for Guns N’ Roses.
  • Doug said he never had heated discussions with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and they would send him Christmas Card every year.
  • Doug said he loves Zakk Wylde and talked about a Christmas gift he got from him. Doug said he felt like he let Zakk down when he was promoting Pride and Glory’s record back in the mid 90’s because Geffen Records was interesting in selling bands that sounded like Nirvana and Pride and Glory was more Southern Rock.
  • Doug said that Tom Maher who was Slash’s former manager passed away from Cancer on Christmas Eve. He worked with Doug at Big FD back in the day. Tom is survived by his two daughters who were 21 and 23.