Ex-Howard Stern Employee Got High With Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Stuttering John Tells Funny Ozzy Story!

Former The Howard Stern Show employee “Stuttering” John Melendez discussed filming himself getting high on pot with legendary Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne in a new interview on Songfacts. Melendez recently released a book called Easy For You To Say.

“I tell two funny stories about Ozzy. Opening for him was awesome. And we were backstage with Ozzy, all smoking pot, and I’m videotaping everything. And then like, a week after the gig, I bring my friends over to watch the video. We turn it on, and it’s my kid on a swing – my wife taped over the whole video!

The other thing is, after my band was done and Ozzy was on stage, I went onto the rafters to watch him from above. There was a black curtain, so I decided to pull away the curtain. I did, and it’s this guy with a microphone, singing all of Ozzy’s lyrics! He’s like, “Close that curtain!” It was like The Wizard of Oz.

It’s sad, but look, Ozzy’s up there in years, so he needed someone to sing, because he probably can’t do it anymore. But Ozzy was a great guy. [This isn’t the first time that someone has alleged that Ozzy utilizes another singer in concert – Robert Mason once spilled the beans to Eddie Trunk.]”

Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Doug Goldstein called into Brando’s Appetite for Distortion podcast. I’ve summarized what they discussed below! You can listen to the full interview here.

Doug thought it was cool that Axl showed up on Looney Tunes. Doug said that Axl loves kids citing his Halloween parties he used to have back in the day.

  • Doug said that Axl has a really great sense of humor. He said it’s great that Axl is smiling a lot more now.
  • Doug talked about hanging out in Ohio with Geoff from GNR Central Podcast.
  • Doug said he has been prodded by his friends to write a book. He was the most coherent person during the Use Your Illusion tour. Doug said he would give the money away to charity for the book.
  • Doug said he doesn’t drink anymore. He doesn’t feel right doing it if he is representing a charity. Doug also said he used to be a bodyguard so in that job you can’t really drink. He started to drink when he was a bit older in his 30’s.
  • Doug said money brought a lot of negativity into his life and people who he thought were friends who ended up having alternative motives.
  • Doug said that band members in Guns N’ Roses complained about Alan Niven wanting to party with the band, while Doug was more behind the scenes.
  • Doug never thought he’d be a Manager, he thought he’d be a tour manager.
  • Doug said he got a call from two managers who said “Your last name is Goldstein, there’s no Jewish bodyguards.” he said jokingly.
  • Doug said he was made a half partner in Alan Niven’s company. Alan Niven was Guns N’ Roses Manager from 1987-1991 before he was fired.
  • Doug said Alan was really good to him giving him 50% of the company. He said he hates the bad blood between the press and that Alan was great dealing with the record company but didn’t know much about the road, but that they made a great team.
  • Doug said one of his creeds in life is “Once I stop laughing is the day I die”.
  • Doug said Peter Mensch of Q-Prime Management (Metallica’s Management) was his mentor in a lot of ways and taught him a lot.