Ex-Manager Reveals Who Would Win In a Fight: Axl Rose or Vince Neil!

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Doug Goldstein Gives His Opinion on Who Would Win in a Fight

Ex- Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein spoke in an interview withus  and revealed an interesting story about why Axl Rose wanted to kill Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil.

We asked:

“Who do you think would win in a fight: Axl or Vince?”.

Goldstein responded:

“Axl. You know, he’d kill him. He had me call Doc McGhee who managed them at the time because Axl was just tired of Vince running his mouth. And he said, ‘I found a country where you can fight to the death and we don’t have to announce it.

Just, let’s get on a plane and go. I’ll put up what I got, he could put up what he’s got.’ And he was serious. And low-and-behold, we never heard anything publicly again from Vince.”

Listen to the entire interview below.

He also revealed Axl Rose’s biggest mistake:

“None of us knew it was coming. In Axl’s defense, he asked me on time, ‘What do you think the biggest mistake I ever made is?’ I said, ‘Showing the fans your mansion. Now you’ve got Nirvana and Pearl Jam wearing their lumberjack shirts and jeans and it’s just changed, right?’

He called me back, ‘You know what, I can’t accept that.’ I said, ‘Why?’ He goes, ‘Because nobody told me that was happening.’ And he was right, and that’s something I should have been able to call out, and I didn’t. Nobody saw it coming.”

Axl Rose was a fan of Nirvana, and his feuded with the band was initiated by insults Kurt Cobain made in interviews. Soundgarden toured with Guns N’ Roses, and GNR even have performed “Black Hole Sun” for a year and a half at shows following the death of Chris Cornell.”