Slash Talks Possibility of New Guns N’ Roses Music & Reuniting with Axl Rose!

Axl Rose and Slash Monterrey Mexico

New Slash Japanese Interview Talking About Guns N’ Roses!

A new Japanese interview with Slash has surfaced online ahead of his gigs with the Conspirators in the country. A lot of the interview focuses on new Guns N’ Roses music and the reunion. Check it out below!

Axl’s Chiropractor Talks About Touring with Guns N’ Roses

According to Alternative Nation

Dr. Stephen Thaxton, a doctor chiropractor from West Virginia joined former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein on the GNR fan podcast Appetite for Distortion. Thaxton, a veteran of the industry had his first chiropractic job touring with Guns N’ Roses for over 2 years in the 90’s! He’s also been on tour with Bon Jovi. On the show, Thaxton reveals if he ever saw any drug usage from the famed Guns N’ Roses frontman. Alternative Nation transcribed Thaxton’s comments.

“Axl and I haven’t spoken in twenty something years. During that time, Axl was clean, it was important for him to be clean, and probably why he and I bonded so quickly. I mean, within a couple of days I felt like I was his brother and we got super tight as a result of that.

However, my drug stance for what I represented fit very well for what he was trying to do at the time, but the other guys had different ideas.

I did tell one that if he did not stop his abuse he would not see thirty-five years of age, and much to my surprise and delight six months later I get a phone call from him and he’d cleaned up and has been clean and sober for a couple weeks. Well, that’s great for a couple of weeks but that’s a tough thing to overcome. As far as I know that guy has been clean and sober since and has done great things with his life.”

In a recent interview with Guns N’ Roses Central podcast, Izzy Stradlin’s collaborator Timo Kaltio has revealed an untold story about how Izzy has reacted to classic line-up reunion of Guns n’ Roses.

The conversation went as follows


“We did a boat ride over to the O2 arena, my girlfriend and I hung around backstage for the whole show (Guns N’ Roses at the O2 Arena in London in 2012, which ended up being the final shows Stradlin played with GNR).

Every now and then Izzy [Stadlin] would go over and play a few songs. It was actually interesting because you can really feel the vibe about the people around, and how good it feels to connect with the people.

And I was like, OK cool (laughs). But, obviously, [they] never got around to do any more live shows or anything like that. That was his decision and I respect that.


“Now when he got off the stage at that show, did he express something like: “wow I feel like the old days, something I’ve been missing,” or was it something that he just did, went home and went to bed?”


“I don’t want to talk about putting words into Izzy’s mouth or anything but I did get the feeling that he did enjoyed [the performance], a lot.”


“I mean, that’s all that you can ask from him, he didn’t have to do it and he showed up and did the O2 show. It was a “wow” experience as fans to see him, so if you see hi-“


“Oh he’s a musician! What do we musicians do? We go and play and that’s what we did.”