Some of Guns N’ Roses Crew Members Didn’t Think the Reunion Would Last

Crew Members Didn’t Think Guns N’ Roses Would Last Past Coachella

According to Alternative Nation

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven was featured as a guest on a recent edition of the podcast, Appetite for Distortion. Here, Niven discusses how Guns N’ Roses were expected by much of their crew to end their reunion after Coachella 2016.

Alternative Nation transcribed the comments.

Alan Niven: This was an event that was after my time.

Brando: OK

Alan Niven: I was amused by a comment that someone had made the other day, “too many managers!” I had to laugh and agree because I can definitely see that person’s point of view. There were at least two or three before myself and there has been quite a cavalcade afterward of some very substantial people. This includes Doc McGhee, Irving Azoff, Merck [Mercuriadis] from Sanctuary, my word.

Brando: It’s like you’re in a very special club, like the Elk Club or the Friars Club. Other than yourself and Doug [Goldstein] we spoke to [the person who] got Axl into L.A. Guns so I don’t know if you can count him as the first. Vicky Hamilton also considers herself to be the first and everyone that I’ve spoken to has been nice. Of course, Team Brazil has been very quiet but I guess that’s just how they do things.

Alan Niven: Well, they’re very busy aren’t they? I mean, as a curly-haired friend of mine pointed out recently, it takes agents to keep Axl happy and moving. Yet, I would make the observation that he’s just done two years of very substantial touring. So, you have to tip your hat to Team Brazil for getting that done. Well done.

Brando: Oh absolutely, it was a success and people didn’t think it would last past the Troubadour show. So whatever is being done worked.

Alan Niven: Most of the people on the crew didn’t think it would last past Coachella