Duff McKagan Makes a Big Announcement!

Duff McKagan

Duff McKagan Announces Two Tour Dates and Offers a Sneak Peek of His New Music!

Duff “Punk Rock” McKagan posted a special message on YouTube today. You can hear a snippet of a song off his upcoming record (which is untitled). It is apparently due out this Spring and will be followed by a short tour. I’ve included the two tour dates announced below as well! Check it out below!

May 30th – Theatre Of The Living Arts Philadelphia

May 31st – City Winery – Washington, DC

(Tickets Go On Sale February 22/19)


Owner of Chicago Pub “Kelly’s Pub” Passes Away

Guns N’ roses members Slash and Duff frequented Kelly’s Pub during the summer of 1989. The band was in Chicago working on the “Use Your Illusion” records. The obituary from the Chicago Tribune mentions Guns N’ Roses.

If anyone was ever part and parcel of the Lincoln Park community, it was John P. Kelly, a jovial city firefighter who was the longtime proprietor of the storied pub that bears his family name.

He lived his entire 82 years on the same block, just a short jaunt from Kelly’s Pub on Webster Avenue. But his reputation as a good-natured, quintessential Chicago archetype rippled across the city.


Kelly’s daughter, Megan Kelly Wolf, likes to tell the story about the time a trio of long-haired, tattooed men came into the pub, and some of the older regulars were talking about how the three men should be kicked out because they might cause trouble. But Megan recognized them as members of the Guns N’ Roses rock band and told her father.

“Just the biggest rock band on the planet, Dad,” she recalled saying. “No big deal.

“So he had bought them a shot of Jameson, Jameson 12 probably, and he goes through this whole spiel about how it’s this fancy Irish whiskey and you’re supposed to sip it, blah, blah, blah,” his daughter said. “And he says, ‘Cheers.’ And he just downed it. So they all thought that was very funny and they joined him, and they downed theirs as well.”