Former MTV VJ Talks Guns N’ Roses First MTV Appearance!

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Asher Benrubi Talks The Band’s First MTV Appearance!

In a new interview with Brando on the “Appetite for Distortion Podcast”, former MTV VJ “Smasher” (AKA Asher Benrubi) talked about the interview with Guns N’ Roses he did in 1987, which marked the band’s first appearance on MTV. Check out the interview with Brando here and the 1987 interview below!

Slash Talks About Lemmy In New Interview

Late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister passed away from prostate cancer in late December 2015 shortly after his 70th birthday, and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is still mourning the loss of his close friend. Slash discussed Lemmy’s death in a new Guardian interview. He said that he thinks Lemmy could have lived and beaten his other health issues if not for the terrible cancer diagnosis.

“Lemmy and I just hit it off and we started hanging out and we’ve been friends ever since. The world is extremely different to me with him not in it.”

Dr Alibi, Slash says, exemplified Lemmy’s attitude to the world. “Lemmy went to the doctor, who said, ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing because that’s the only glue that’s holding you together.’ And so he wrote this great lyric Dr Alibi, basically saying: don’t change anything because the change is what’s going to kill you.”

Slash, of course, had been around enough self-destructive behaviour to understand that there are consequences. But he thought Lemmy was going to be different, somehow. “Lemmy was a full-on survivor. If it weren’t for cancer [which killed him in December 2015 aged 70, just days after he was diagnosed] he probably would have beat the other stuff that he was going through.”

Slash Talks About the Infamous Monsters of Rock Festival from 1988!

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash talked about the infamous Monsters of Rock Festival where 2 fans were trampled to death during Guns N’ Roses guest. He said the following:

Your first Donington experience in 1988 was both incredible and tragic – when two fans died mid-show. What do you remember of that?

“I didn’t really know Monsters Of Rock, which was what they called the Donnington event back then. We got the gig and helicoptered out to soundcheck and it didn’t sound all that great. So I remember not being all that into it. Then the next day we go up there and I didn’t really have any expectations, but there was a lot of people. The reaction the second we walked out on stage was unbelievable. So we had this amazing 40-minute set, or whatever it was, and it was really a huge high point. Then afterwards, we went to this bar, drinking – this little hotel we were at – I don’t remember if we were sleeping there, or why we were there, but there were tons of kids there and it was a scene in itself. I ran into our tour manager at the bar and he was crying. That’s when I found out that two kids had been trampled to death when we were playing. There was a bizarre shift from complete euphoria to going to this depressed state. The positive memory of the gig got washed away. It was heavy.”

Did it take a toll on you?

“Yeah. How do you come back from that? How do you handle it? What’s your attitude going to be tomorrow, and the next day after, considering this just happened? Because it happened on our watch. It took a while to get over that.”