Dizzy Reed to Release New Album!

Appetite for Distortion Episode Discusses New H&B Album

On a recent episode (#104) of the “Appetite for Distortion Podcast” with Brando, our very own Geoff was a guest co-host and a discussion ensued about how Dizzy Reed will be releasing a covers album with his band H***** and Blow. You can listen to the episode here.

Politically Correct Radio Broadcaster Howard Stern Talks Slash!

Last week guitarist Gary Clark Jr. was interviewed by Howard Stern on his Sirius XM Radio Show. During the interview Stern brought up Slash’s performance with Michael Jackson in 1999 where Slash wouldn’t stop soloing seeming to “annoy” Jackson. Howard said the following (as transcribed by Marksfriggin.com)

Howard Stern interviewed Gary Clark Jr. last week, and in the interview Stern revealed he saw Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash piss off Michael Jackson at a concert, according to MarksFriggin.com.

Howard said when he plays air guitar he plays with the pedals. He said he doesn’t actually play guitar.Howard said Gary is doing it and living his fantasy. He said he loves it. Gary said he’s having a good time. Howard said he’s great. Gary said he was doing some stuff and he made some mistakes in that song. Howard said he was driving it pretty hard. He said he was laughing because it was so impressive. Howard asked if he digs Eddie Van Halen. Gary said of course. He said Michael Jackson introduced him to Eddie. Howard said he saw a hilarious clip of Slash and Michael doing a song and Michael kept telling him to stop and Slash wouldn’t stop.

Howard said Gary is pretty fast on his guitar. Gary said he’s not as fast as Eddie Van Halen. He said he likes to listen to Buddy Guy and guys like that. Howard said that’s why the Stones want him.