Guns N’ Roses To Release Turntable This April!

Guns N' Roses Turntable

Pro-Ject Announces Guns N’ Roses Turntable

According to WhatHiFi, Guns N’ Roses are releasing their own turntable! Yay! Who needs new music? According to the article

Further expanding its Artist Series turntables (which includes The Beatles– and The Rolling Stones-themed models), Pro-Ject has announced a special edition deck in collaboration with rock legends Guns N’ Roses.

Essentially, the ‘Guns N’ Roses Record Player’ is Pro-Ject’s Essential III A turntable (the Essential III, but with a superior acrylic Acryl-IT E platter) with an aesthetic that honours the band.

For the first time on one of its turntables, Pro-Ject has directly printed artwork onto a Acryl-IT E platter. As you can see, the Guns N’ Roses logo fills the entire 12in platter surface, while the gloss black-finished MDF plinth features a small logo underneath the tonearm’s rest position, too.

Of course, the special edition deck has all the benefits of the five-star Essential III – an Ortofon OM 10 elliptical cartridge, a belt drive system with a precision diamond-cut aluminium pulley, and a 8.6in aluminium tonearm.

As is typical for most of Pro-Ject’s decks, it doesn’t have a built-in phono stage, meaning owners will have to connect it to hi-fi with a phono stage connection.

The Pro-Ject Guns N’ Roses Record Player will be available in the UK from April, priced £429 ($567US) – £129 more than the standard Essential III A turntable, then.

Phil Lewis Criticizes Guns N’ Roses Reunion For Not Producing New Music

Phil Lewis of LA Guns sat down for an interview recently (see video below) and talked about the Guns N’ Roses reunion. He said the following:

Phil also mentioned about GN’R reunion and other topics. He said:

“I’m proud of this band [for] putting out not only just recently a new record, but already getting back in and doing another one. Can you name any band, especially a band from our genre… As much as I love Guns N’ Roses’ reunion, and I’m happy it makes a lot of people happy, where’s the new music? It’s, like, ‘Appetite For Destruction’ is a great record, but it was a long time ago.

That was 30-something years ago… I knew from a very early age that rock n’ roll would be my salvation. People are like, ‘Oh, you’ll go down dark roads,’ and I have been, there’s no doubt about it. It’s the hand that you’re dealt, and right now, I’m feeling so positive. There’s nothing to feel dark and introspective, or want to hide the things like drugs and booze and stuff make you want to do. I want to work. I want to get stuffdone.

There’s nothing more gratifying than playing a sold-out show and opening with songs that aren’t from the last century. I have a great sense of accomplishment because of that.”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source.