Axl Rose’s Legendary Backstage Parties!

Axl Rose and James hetfield

Axl Rose’s Legendary Backstage Parties for the Metallica-Guns N’ Roses Tour

During the 1992 Guns N’ Roses and Metallica Stadium Tour, frontman Axl Rose used to hold lavish theme parties after each show. Today we take a look at those parties and talk to Teddy Andreadis who toured with the band during that time. Check it out below!

Conspirators Guitarist Frank Sidoris Girlfriend Diagnosed With Cancer

Slash’s guitarist Frank Sidoris girlfriend has been diagnosed with cancer. Fans can go support her GoFundMe page in his post below. Best wishes to his girlfriend for a speedy recovery!

Frank Sidoris


The past few weeks have been tough to say the least as we have been blindsided by my girlfriend Alexandria Finley’s recent diagnoses of Cervical Cancer. Please take a moment to read her story and donate whatever you can, thank you. 

Help Alexandria Finley Beat Cancer

Help Alexandria Finley beat cancer— Mid-February, my very close friend Alexandria Finley was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. There are few things as jarring as finding out that an otherwise happy…

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Supergroup “Kings of Chaos” Announce June Show!

Supergroup “Kings of Chaos”, which features a revolving group of musicians has announced an upcoming June show. The lineup usually features at least one former member of Guns N’ Roses. the lineup for the June show is listed below from their Instagram show.

Duff McKagan Attends Screening of New Iggy Pop and John Varvatos Documentary!

Punk rock God Duff McKagan attended the screening of Iggy Pop’s and fashion designer John Varvatos new documentary called “Punk.” The 4 part documentary chronicles the history of Punk Rock. There was a panel that was held to discuss the film and Johnny Rotten and Marky Ramone got into a bit of an arguement. Check out Duff’s post and video footage below of the spat. The documentary airs on March 11th on EPIX!

Slash Reveals He Designed the First Guns N’ Roses Logo

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash sat down with a German publication and talked about his plans after his tour with the Conspirators wraps up in August in addition to his drawings. Check out what he had to say about who designed the first Guns N’ Roses logo!

ZEIT ONLINE: You also draw yourself.

Slash: But just for fun. I designed the first Guns N ‘Roses logo, all our flyers – and my tattoos. Most of the time it was born out of necessity: it served my musical career. Now I draw only if I feel like scribbling a bit. I would never have imagined doing art to deny my life. It was just something that I knew how to do. On the other hand, for a long time I did not intend to become a musician. Although music has always been part of my life.