Argument Between Axl Rose & Kurt Cobain Reportedly Filmed!

Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain

Nirvana’s Manager Claims Axl Rose & Kurt Cobain’s Argument Was Filmed!

Former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg said in a new Yahoo interview that Guns N’ Roses actually filmed Rose’s alleged altercation with Kurt Cobain at the 1992 MTV VMA’s. Golberg said the following in the interview

“We were all at the MTV awards together. Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses both performed on the MTV Awards; the first of the MTV Awards shows that came out after Nevermind had been a big record and it’s a pretty- to Nirvana freaks this is not a new story, but I retell it since I was there and it was so surreal.

You know, this was a week or two after Axl Rose had said these mean things about Kurt and Courtney in Vanity Fair and what kind of baby they were going to have and you know Francis was, I don’t know, a month old or something, a few weeks old and Courtney was holding her and they came and there was an area where the bands could have a bite to eat and it was a backstage type area with catering and all that.

She said, ‘Hey. Axl, want to be godfather to our baby?’ So then he had a girlfriend at the time , I think her name was Stephanie Seymour who says cattily to Courtney, ‘Are you a model?’ And without missing a beat, Courtney says, ‘Are you a brain surgeon?’

“So Axl Rose had these huge bodyguards and he had somebody with a camera that was documenting it backstage possibly for a future documentary. So him, the bodyguards, and the camera person come over to the table where we are and he says, ‘Shut your woman up or I’ll throw you down to the pavement.’ So a beat goes by and Kurt looks at Courtney and he had a slacker voice and says, ‘Shut up expletive.’ We all cracked up, and Axl went away in a big huff.”

It’s likely that the camera crew was there for the “Perfect Crime” Documentary.