Guns N’ Roses Slash to Collaborate With Legendary 80’s Frontman!


Slash to Collaborate With David Cloverdale!

Whitesnake frontman David Cloverdale was recently interviewed on Brando’s “Appetite for Distortion Podcast” and he discussed his friendship with the guys from Guns N’ Roses. He revealed the following when talking about Slash.

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“Slash and Duff are friends of mine. Duff’s jammed with me and I’m working with Slash in about 2 months. I haven’t seen Axl for many many years, but we send regards and respects to each other”

You can listen to the full interview here

Guns N’ Roses Original Guitarist Talks Today’s Rock Music

Guns N Roses co founder and LA Guns frontman Tracii Guns had a recent interview with David Slavkovic (of Ultimate Guitar), and revealed his real opinons about today’s rock bands.

Tracii Guns admits that none of those bands grap him, and he doesn’t want to be be gratuitous about that.

Ultimate Guitar:

“What’s your view on the current rock and metal scene these days? Do you like any of the younger bands? Is there anyone that stands out?”

Tracii Guns:

“Yeah, there’s this great younger band called Judas Priest. [Laughs]”

Ultimate Guitar:

“But except for them, anyone else?”

Tracii Guns:

“You know… Nothing grabs me. I don’t want to lie and be gratuitous about it .Pantera, to me, was probably the last metal band that was still new to me when it came that really knocked me off my feet.

But it doesn’t mean I’m not listening to music I haven’t heard before. Right now, I’m really starting to discover black metal. And beyond that, bands like Satyricon... a lot of the stuff like that. I’m learning about it, I’m listening to all that music. “And it’s really interesting to me. And the culture and a lot of it has to do with…

I’m married to a Danish woman, so she’s brought a lot of Scandinavian metal into the house. That’s very interesting to me.

The current rock scene is really good for L.A. Guns. I mean, I can look at it that way. There’s not a lot of bands doing exactly what we do, and we’re not doing anything that anybody else is really doing.

And that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of rock bands. There are rock bands and they’re doing stuff. But I think that in rock, everybody’s kind of doing their own thing. And that’s healthy.

Like, the new band that everybody’s talking about, Greta Van Fleet. They’ve got that garage-rock thing going on. So they’re capturing that vibe and that audience. Other than them, I don’t really know.