Megadeth Member Talks Touring With Slash

David Ellefson

David Ellefson Talks About Touring With Slash Recently!

Megadeth member David Ellefson and Frank Bello just got off the road opening for Slash in Europe and stopped by 101WRIF. Frank and David have an album out called “Get It Out” with their band called Altitudes and Attitude.  Ellefson said the following about opening for Slash in Europe:

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“I mean so cool (opening for Slash). He’s generous enough that’s how great of a guy he is he doesn’t even need those shows were sold out anyways he doesn’t need A&A to go on the tour with him but he did graciously and sold out. It’s just great for an upstart band like this to go throw us up there and it went over. That’s the great thing about those shows  We won the audience over and they didn’t know the first song, but by the second song they were on it with their hands up and that really counts for me and And believe me I’d love to do that for me. And he was kind enough for his bass player Todd Kerns whose been a friend of ours you know before he was playing with Slash come up and jam on some KISS songs And it’s great because his audience knows Todd as a member of Myles and Slash’s band so when he came out it was cool oh yeah Todd’s out here and we rip into a KISS tune and you know it was really a great collaborative thing amongst friends on the Slash tour.”

Bumblefoot also joined in on the interview and played recently with Altitudes and Attitudes and talked a bit about Guns N’ Roses and it seems like things didn’t end well with Axl and company. You can listen to the full interview here.

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