Todd Kerns Appears on Morning Show To Talk Playing With Slash

Todd “Dammit” Kerns Appears on Morning Show in Las Vegas

Todd Kerns, the bassist for Slash’s band with Myles Kennedy appeared on a morning show in Las Vegas to talk about his upcoming gigs with band “Original Sin” and working with Slash. Check it out below

Slash Discusses The “Hell Tour”

Slash discussed Guns N’ Roses getting in a fight with a Seattle a club owner for not paying them in their 1985 in a new Kerrang interview.

“When we first got together, Duff, being from the punk scene in Seattle, knew all these venues along the Pacific Northwest. So he set up a tour where we could play there, or I think go all the way up there playing all these dates, but when we headed up we had a friend of ours’ automobile and we had a U-Haul trailer. All five of us, plus roadies, were stuffed in the back of that car.

It was like something out of a cartoon and we made it as far as Bakersfield [California] when we broke down. We left the car, grabbed our guitars and hitchhiked to Seattle. We played one show on this band, the Fastbacks’ gear and got into a fight with the club owner because he didn’t want to pay us. Then we got a ride from some chick all the way back to Los Angeles. That was what really cemented us together.”

Guns N’ Roses Photographer Kat Benzova Shares Axl/DC Photo

Guns N’ Roses photographer Kat Benzova shared a photo of Axl Rose with AC/DC from 2016 and shared some background info on the photo. Check it out below.

Lamb of God Guitarist Mark Morton Asked Slash To Play On His Solo Record

Lamb of God Guitarist Mark Morton revealed in a new interview that Slash almost played on his solo record.

According to Metal Head Zone

Lamb of God’s Mark Morton recently had an interview with RockSverige, and revealed that he wanted to have a featuring with Slash on his recent solo album, Anesthetic.

Mark Morton recently released his debut solo album, Anesthetic. Apperantly he was so enthusiastic about that featuring but Slash was touring with Guns N’ Roses and was so busy.

Maybe that featuring did not happen, but also this story has turned to a touching bromance story between these two musicians.

Here is what Morton said:

“I’m friendly with Slash and we’ve talked a few times, He’s a Lamb of God fan, from what I understand. I had corresponded with Slash enough where I felt comfortable asking him if I could send him a song. I think it was while he was touring with Guns N’ Roses, when I reached out to him.

He replied: ‘Yeah, I’d consider it. I’m busy, but if I can find the time, send me the track and let me have a listen and I’ll go from there.’

What a positive and awesome response. In the meantime, I cut a solo for the song that I was going to send him because I hadn’t heard back and didn’t know what was going down, and it just so happened to be a solo I really loved, so I never sent him the song. [Laughs] That’s how that worked out.

Not that I’m better than SlashSlash is one of my favorite guitar players. I love, love Slash and GN’R. I got a magic take and I didn’t want to let go of it. I just never sent the e-mail.”