Duff McKagan’s Creepy Axl Rose Chris Cornell Story!

Chris Cornell

Axl Wanted to Play “Black Hole Sun” A Few Hours Before Chris Cornell Passed Away

If you guys watch my amazing YouTube channel then you’d know that our buddy Kevin went to Duff “Punk Rock” McKagan’s show at the Grammy Museum on April 4th and how he told a story of the band wanting to play Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” before Chris Cornell passed away. At the concert McKagan said the following according to Blabbermouth

“Then Chris [Cornell]. Susan [Holmes McKaganDuff‘s wife] and Susan Silver [Cornell‘s first wife] were pregnant at the same time. They had [their daughters] two weeks apart, and we hung out with them and our babies. That’s just real-life stuff, and then Chris going… the weird thing about that is, that night, about 8 o’clock at night, Axl came into rehearsal and said, ‘Let’s do ‘Black Hole Sun’. Let’s try that song.’ We rehearsed until 12:30 that night. I got home, and [GN’R guitarist] Richard Fortus texted me — ‘Chris is dead.’

Due May 31, “Tenderness” sees McKagan reflecting on his experiences traveling the globe over two and a half years on GUNS N’ ROSES‘ “Not In This Lifetime” tour. Encountering heartbreak, anger, fear, confusion and divide on his travels during this tumultuous time in our world history, McKagan channeled a collective hurt into songs of monolithic power.

McKagan and Jennings began recording “Tenderness” a year ago, working out of Station House studios in Echo Park, California, where they wrote and recorded in between McKagan‘s tour with GUNS N’ ROSES and the release of Jennings‘s eponymous album, “Shooter”“Tenderness” features Jennings and his band along with appearances by The Waters and The Suicide Horn Section (which features Duff‘s brother Matt McKagan on trombone), among others.