Axl Rose Sends Gift to Ill Guns N’ Roses Member

Axl Rose

Axl Rose Sends Gift to Melissa Reese Who Is Sick Yet Again

Guns N’ Roses touring keyboardist Melissa Reese revealed on social media that frontman Axl Rose sent her a pretty nice gift to her whlie she is ill. Check out her post below! Maybe someone should mention to Melissa that when you’re sick eating sugar is probably the last thing you want to do.

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Before x After 🤯🥰🤯🤩 THANK YOU AXL 4 THE FLAMMABLE CEREAL 🥣 ❤️🤣❤️ #TFW u get a present 🎁 from that woke homie who know – and it makes u lol when u need it most ❤️😫❤️ (Ummm… cuz u came down with #Norovirus **AFTER** having strep, can’t eat anything solid, and must be in #quarantine till ur not 🤮🤮🤮 anymore #fml) . . . . #crawling back #2 the #land of the #living #one #pedialyte at a #time #🕯candles pretending to B #cereal #love #fam #presents #gratitude #happy #getwell #stayhealthy #instagood #band #gnr #axlrose #amazing #best #present #giver #toomanyhashtags

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Slash Talks About Almost Dying After Leaving Guns N’ Roses

Slash spoke to Belfast Live recently and talked about how his dark days following him leaving Guns N’ Roses in 1996. He said the following:

He said: “In the 90s when I left Guns N’ Roses I was just sort of out there.

“I was drinking myself to death, I was out playing all over the place, I had no real direction I was going or any real concrete idea as to what I was going to be doing for any predetermined amount of time. It was very excessive.

“I’d left my band, I was getting divorced, I was going through all this stuff. I had record company issues. It was really classic rock’n’roll life – the bad side.

From 1985 up until 1994, I had been under the wing of [record company] Geffen, everything was great.

“Guns got to be the biggest band in the world. That was all great.

“When I left I left all that security behind and went through all this crazy stuff. And I drank myself through it, I did drugs through it and it was just like, textbook almost.”

Slash revealed he struggled heavily with addiction “through the early millennium, up through 2005”.

He said: “Velvet Revolver started and just because of the nature of the band – and it’s my own fault – but within that context it was easy to do.

“I got completely strung out again and at that point I realised there was nothing about being strung out that reminded me of anything like when I first started doing drugs. It was pretty miserable.

“And then after that, with alcohol, nothing was doing it for me and I decided I had to stop. \