Guns N’ Roses Member Gets Into “Game of Thrones” Cosplay!

Guns N’ Roses Member Melissa Reese Is a Game Of Thrones Fan

Guns N’ Roses touring keyboardist Melissa Reese posted a photo of her wearing a “Game of Thrones” cosplay. Check it out below!

Vice Spanish Releases Documentary on Guns N’ Roses Historic Gigs in Columbia from 1992!

Big thanks to one of my subscribers for sending me this. Vice Spanish released a documentary last month on Guns N’ Roses historic gigs in Columbia in 1992. The documentary is in Spanish, but there are English subtitles! You can check it out below! Some cool stories i hadn’t heard from the Promoter’s perspective.

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators are preparing to release Living the Dream, their third album and their first since 2014’s World on Fire. We sat down with the legendary guitarist to discuss reactivating his solo career after a two-year thrill ride back in Guns N’ Roses.

He discussed his relationship with Myles Kennedy and explained how the two initially linked up. “I had two songs left over and during the entire making of the [Slash] record I could never figure [out] who should sing these two songs,” he began, referring to his 2010 solo record, which featured a variety of guest vocalists and musicians. “I had been hearing a lot about Myles for years but I never met him, and I wasn’t even really familiar with his voice but he had just recently been flown over to England to do this possible [Led] Zeppelin [reunion] tour thing. I said,’Well maybe that guy because he’s got to be good. If Jimmy [Page] called him he’s got to be really good. So I cold-called him…” Luckily for Slash, the proposed Zeppelin reunion with Kennedy filling in for Robert Plant never worked out, so the frontman was available.

After swapping MP3 files, the first song Kennedy turned around was “Starlight” and Slash recalls that it was “fucking awesome.” But when Slash thought about who could sing all of the material on the album — plus Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver songs — for the subsequent tour, he determined Kennedy was his man. After one tour the combination stuck, and the new band was born.

Fast forward eight years to 2018 and Living the Dream; Slash says the album’s title was not drawn from any song names, noting that he’s been literally “living the dream” for over three decades and that the title is a tongue-in-cheek stab at the political climate of the world today.