Duff McKagan On How the Guns N’ Roses Tour Shaped His New Record!

Duff McKagan

Duff McKagan Sits Down to Talk About His New Album “Tenderness”

Duff McKagan sat down with The Build Series to talk about his upcoming album Tenderness, which drops on May 31 of this year. It’s one of the longer interviews he’s done lately. Duff talked about how he saw a different side of people when he was touring with Guns N’ Roses. Duff discussed how cable news is trying to divide people, but when he met regular everyday people nobody cares about who you vote for. You can watch the full interview below! I’ve summarized the interview below:

  • Duff said the first song he wrote was “Last September”, which was about the #meToo movement.
  • Duff said he doesn’t look back at the 80’s any differently in terms of how Guns N’ Roses treated women. Duff said the 80’s were a much different time. Duff said the 80’s was all about having fun.
  • Duff talked about losing a lot of friends to drugs back in the 80’s.
  • Duff talked about being friends with Andy Wood.
  • Duff talked about the song “Feel” and how Scott Weiland influenced the song. Duff also talked about helping get Weiland clean. Prince, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell also influenced the song.
  • Duff talked about where he was when he saw the “Welcome to the Jungle” music video for the first time.
  • Duff on rehearsing for the Guns N’ Roses tour.
  • Duff briefly touched on his last solo record Believe in Me. Duff revealed how he played all the instruments on that record and had different musicians play on the record. Duff said he was out of his mind during the recording of the record. He said it’s a great snapshot of him in a really lost period of his life.
  • Duff did reveal he hopes to work with suicide prevention or homelessness groups with this record. He said an announcement should be coming soon about that.
  • Duff said the country feel to the record wasn’t intentional. He wanted to make a record his influences made like Johnny Thunders and Mark Lanegan.
  • Duff talked a bit about his battle with depression the last several years.

Recently Duff gave an interview to Sirius XM where he defended celebrities using their fame to highlight various political issues and causes. He was quoted as saying the following about NBA player Lebron James. “He’s a smart guy and he’s an activist and he does stuff with his money and he’s an American citizen. And it is ‘we the people,’ last I checked. And him saying, him voicing his opinion is what we’re supposed to do, I thought.” McKagan then mentions he saw a lot of people responding to James’ tweet, telling him to “shut up and play basketball.””