Axl Rose and Slash Make List of Rockstar Mistakes

Axl Rose and Slash Make List of Great Artists Who Make Mistakes

Ultimate Guitar put together a list of great artists who also make mistakes. Featured on that list were two Guns N’ Roses members Slash and Axl Rose. The Slash event is from the 2014 European Music Awards where he performed a tribute to metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, while the Axl event is from Rock in RIo in 2011. To be fair the whole Rock in Rio 2011 performance was a disaster and the wet weather didn’t seem to help things. The Ozzy tribute that Slash played with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators seemed pretty solid to me except for the shirtless dude from Biffy Clyro with a man bun. You guys can make up your minds below. Another Slash event that should be on this list is his November Rain performance from the 1992 MTV VMA’s where his guitar is tuned incorrectly. Check out the events they highlighted below


Slash is easily one of the best and most recognizable guitarists in the world right now. When he starts a solo, we all expect a perfect mix of technical shredding, awesome melody with some bluesy hooks on top. But even legends have hard time with an out of tune guitar. While performing at EMA in 2014 he stumbled on an out of tune string at the worst time possible – during a solo in “Crazy Train”. He certainly did his best to save the situation, but that was just not his day.

Axl Rose is a remarkable man. Just when everybody has given up hope of him returning to form, he goes ahead and actually does a good job fronting AC/DC while simultaneously mending his relationship with Slash, reuniting Guns N’ Roses in the process. Talk about some rough years for the man. It’s kind of sad to see some of his worse performances now, but on the other hand it makes you appreciate his comeback even more.