The Time Axl Rose Threatened to Sue Spin Magazine!

Axl Rose Threatened to Sue Spin Magazine in 1991!

Back in 1991 Guns N’ Roses were the biggest band in the world. They were about to release their long awaited double album Use Your Illusion 1 and 2. On Use Your Illusion 2 Guns N’ Roses called out their critics with the song Get In the Ring, which named names of writers from Spin, Circus and Kerrang Magazine. Spin Magazine added fuel to the fire by publishing an article called “Guns N’ Neuroses” detailing Axl Rose’s upbringing and interviewed one of his early girlfriends Gina Sidler who had some pretty terrible things to say about Axl. Spin Magazine started the whole feud by calling out the band’s lackluster performances and publishing the band’s media contract that magazines were required to sign if they wanted to interview the band. The media contract essentially gave Guns N’ Roses total control over any articles written about them and this infuriated a lot of magazines who refused to sign the contract. Frontman Axl Rose defended the move claiming that the media has written many false stories about the band in the past.

You can watch the full story below!

Slash recently remembered Actor Seymour Cassel who gave him his stage name. He said the following

“Seymour was a very colorful fellow,” Slash told us. “I just talked to [his son] Matt a few days ago, right before Seymour passed and right after. [Back in the day] we had a lot of parties at his house. I met the [Rolling] Stones through Seymour. Actually, the first time I ever drove a car was Seymour’s car — a great big giant [Pontiac] Bonville, just flying down Sunset Boulevard, almost hitting other cars and all kinds of crazy stuff.”

He added, “But he was a lot of fun. He was a nut. He was a definite rock ‘n’ roll rebel guy, but he was a great actor, had a huge heart. He was a fun guy to hang out with — he was a troublemaker, though. But yeah, Seymour was great. And I have a lot of really great memories with him, not all of which I can really share. Like I said, he was a troublemaker and most of the stuff he was into was illegal!”