Inside Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose’s Old Home!

Axl Rose Saskatoon 1993

YouTuber Goes Inside Axl Rose’s Old Condo!

A YouTuber named Daze with Jordan the Lion did a vlog about visiting Axl Rose’s old condo from the early 90’s. This was the condo that MTV gave away to one lucky fan in their Evict Axl Rose contest. This was the same condo where Axl Rose had a run in with his neighbour Gabriella Canto that partially inspired the lyrics to Right Next Door to Hell on Use Your Illusion 1.

Check it out below! Also check out our true story of the Evict Axl Rose contest below.

Axl Rose Makes List of Replacement Musicians Fans Didn’t Like!

Ultimate-Guitar has assembled a list of replacement musicians that fans weren’t fans of Axl Rosereplaced AC/DC singer Brian Johnson during the Rock or Bust Tour in May of 2016. The status of AC/DC is currently unknown but recent rumors seem to indicate that the band will be releasing a new album and touring with Brian Johnson.  My take is that I don’t think AC/DC will be touring with Brian Johnson since he has been vocal in the past about his hearing problem limiting his ability to tour in the future. Check out what the article had to say below about Axl Rose.

AC/DC – Axl Rose

Some count him as a regular, official member. Some say he was just a touring vocalist. Be it as it may, rock ‘n’ roll world was blessed by yet another unexpected combination when Axl Rose stepped in to sing in AC/DC instead of Brian Johnson. The band got somewhat of a mocking nickname “Axl/DC” but it’s still interesting we all got to see and hear Angus Young and Axl Rose performing together. Besides, Axl was very professional and respectful during the tour, so we shouldn’t really pay attention to the naysayers.

When it was first announced that Axl was going to be fronting AC/DC many fans refunded their tickets with a lot of venues giving fans the same option. The media reported the fan outrage by saying thousands of fans had returned their tickets resulting in some nervous Axl fans, but in the end the outrage by AC/DC fans was shortlived and Axl won over quite a few people. However, there were a few people including singer Roger Daltry who criticized Axl by saying that AC/DC without Brian Johnson is just “Karaoke.”