Nirvana’s Manager Reveals Why Kurt Cobain Hated Axl Rose!

Axl Rose vs Kurt Cobain

Former Nirvana Manager on Kurt and Axl Feud

There was no love lost between Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose. Their feud escalated in 1992 as Guns was the biggest band in the world and Nirvana’s popularity was growing. During an interview with Forbes Magazine former Manager Danny Goldberg discussed why Cobain detested Axl Rose. He claimed that Cobain disliked macho behavior that was seen as hostile toward women. Cobain associated this behaviour with Guns N’ Roses, more specifically Rose. Goldberg has been doing a lot of press lately promoting his new book “Serve the Servants”. He said the following about Cobain and Rose.

Cobain’s ethos of inclusion, Goldberg said, went beyond his music. In the book, the singer is portrayed as a staunch feminist and someone who wasn’t afraid to stick up for those who he felt were marginalized. Cobain’s closeness to the Olympia, Washington Riot Grrrl scene is one example. And the band’s willing participation in Oregon’s No on 9 campaign, in opposition to an anti-gay bill, helped get the bill nixed.

“He had a revulsion for macho behavior that was hostile to women or to gays,” Goldberg said. “That was part of who he was.”

“He was trying to balance different agendas that were important to him,” Goldberg says of Cobain’s intentions on the band’s 1993 album. “He was someone who would frequently straddle different worlds, different things, and that was part of the success of Nirvana with the straddling punk and more commercial music. I think he got out of Albini what he wanted and respected what he got from Albini, but he needed things that Albini couldn’t give him.”

In a high-profile interview with LGBT publication The Advocate in 1992, Cobain recounted the backstage encounter with Axl and again insulted Guns N’ Roses. He accused Axl of being ‘mysogenist’ and ‘anti-gay.’

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