Aerosmith Member Absent From Band’s Recent Performance!

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Joey Kramer Was Absent From Aerosmith’s Latest Gig In Las Vegas

Aerosmith is currently doing a residency in Las Vegas called Deuces are Wild and it was noticed by several fans on social media that drummer Joey kramer was absent from their April 23, 2019 performance. Filing in for him was John Douglas who is Kramer’s drum technician and assistant.

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Aerosmith have not put out a statement yet to publicly address the drummer’s absence. This isn’t the first time Kramer has taken a time out from performing. In 2014 the drummer suffered from a heart ailment that forced the band to cancel a show. The following week, Kramer’s son Jesse filled in for his dad behind the kit. We all hope things are well with Joey Kramer.

In other news

Another wave of copyright strikes appears to be hitting YouTube for Guns N’ Roses videos. Is it the work of deranged male/female or whatever it is fan living in a trailer or is the record label behind it? Last year, prior to the Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction Reissue being announced, a number of videos were permanently removed from YouTube. Most of the videos were old demos from the 80’s. Some on the MYGNRFORUM‘s are speculating that this could be the case once again given the nature of the strikes stating the following

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I’m starting to believe that this is related to some kind of official release announcement. This last takedowns look official and have been happening all over the world, not just on this forum. I know people from Argentina that taped both days of the 2016 shows, and got all their videos taken down within hours. And also people have said here that PRIVATE videos have been also deleted. So that can’t be Walk*r and his clown army manually reporting the videos. It has to be automatic.

I think that this time the takedowns are being ordered by Gn’R or the label or whatever. They look official. It’s the same that happened prior to the AFD Remastered announcement. And for the record, I’m talking out of my ass here. I have no way to prove this.

In addition to this it appears that even people’s private videos are being released, which is strange. On top of that some videos are being blocked around the world, which isn’t necessarily a copyright strike, but a claim instead that doesn’t penalize a YouTube account.

The poster whose private videos got flagged had the following to say ”

The only place it was ever posted (and analytics verifies that) was once on this forum almost 3 years ago.

It must have been flagged by YouTube’s content ID system, though I don’t see how you could claim authorship of a live performance (with 2 different sources mixed too).