Guns N’ Roses Member Releases New Music Video!

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Dizzy Reed Releases Video for Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Easy

Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed released the first video from his year old solo record Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Easy. The video is for the title track and you can check it out below. Also be sure to check out our own interview with Dizzy from last year when he was promoting his solo record! It’s also been reported the past week that Dizzy is working on another record as he signed a new record deal with Austrlian label Golden Robot Records.

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According to the Daily Mirror Australia:

A local radio station is playing the same two songs on a loop all day for weeks on end. One if from Guns N’ Roses and the other is from pop artist Vanessa Carlton. A former kids radio station in Australia Toowoomba’s 99.1 Loop FM Station is playing the two artists on continuous loop until they figure out what the station’s new format is.

Guns N’ Roses song ‘November Rain’ and Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ are being played on loop

If you check out the station’s Facebook page there is a mobile number to request a song, but the only two options offered are Guns N’ Roses and Vanessa Carlton. No chance of requesting some other songs by the same artists or other artists.

Australian residents who live within an 8km radius of the Toowoomba Mt Lofty broadcast tower are able to tune in to the channel.

The station describes itself as “no chat, no ads, just 24/7 non-stop music to make you loopy”.

The Chronicle, another publication reached out to the company that owns the station for comment and a spokeswoman for the company said the frequency used to be the Kids FM station, but since that shut down the company was yet to decide what to do with the frequency.

Talk about a lot of royalty cheques for both artists! That will amount to maybe $5 given how little artists make in royalties these days.