AC/DC Producer Think Axl Rose Tarnished The Band’s Name!

Axl Rose and Angus Young

Mike Fraser Criticizes Axl Rose Fronted AC/DC

Legendary producer, mixer and engineer Mike Fraser who has an impressive resume featuring Dave Grohl, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and most recently AC/DC. This rock and roll producer was the recent guest on the podcast, Mastering Music Mastering Life, where he shared his opinions on Axl Rose fronting AC/DC.  Fraser discussed how he felt that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose’s involvement in AC/DC in 2016 ‘tarnished’ the name of the legacy group, despite his great voice. Fraser’s comment’s are below.

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Host: What was your take on the whole Axl [Rose] thing when that went down?

Fraser: Well, I get it, they had commitments to finish a tour and you know, Angus [Young] and the rest of AC/DC thought Axl was the one. As a fan, I don’t like that choice, but I get it. I think Axl did an amazing job. You know, especially with some of the older stuff that they don’t usually do and Axl’s got that higher range. To me though, it kind of tarnished, in my opinion, the AC/DC name,

Host: Uh-huh

Fraser: To me, that wasn’t AC/DC it was just a band going through the motions and AC/DC’s never been that band. So, yeah. But that’s what Angus wanted, to keep going, not disappoint people and that’s what this band’s always been about – the fans. So, I respect that decision.

On the same podcast Fraser revealed that AC/DC has been in the studio working but wouldn’t comment beyond that. It was reported last year that the band was back with Brian Johnson recording a tribute record to deceased member Malcolm Young whose guitar parts are featured on the record. There’s also been rumors lately that the band will tour with Brian according to radio host Eddie Trunk.