Previously Unseen Photo of Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose Surfaces Online!

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Unseen Photo of Axl Rose from 2014 Appears to Have Surfaced Online!

A previously unseen photo of Axl Rose from 2014 appears to have surfaced online. One of the threads on the MYGNRFORUM that tracks the latest social media posts published a photo of Axl before 2016 hanging out at a party with a man who looks like Izzy Stradlin. Some on the thread believe it’s not Izzy. Perhaps it’s from 2010 or 2012. Check it out below!

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Axl Rose and Company
Axl Rose and Company

In other Guns N’ Roses news it appears fans can win a chance to hang out with Duff Mckagan at the Showbox in Seattle where he will be playing a show to promote his solo record Tenderness which releases May 31, 2019.

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One winner and a friend will:

  • Be flown to Seattle
  • Get tickets to see Duff McKagan with Shooter Jennings at the Showbox
  • Hang with Duff backstage
  • Watch soundcheck
  • Be put up in a hotel and more!

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Duff statement about the contest is as follows:

During the Not In This Lifetime… tour, it was plainly apparent to me that divisions of race, politics, and creed worldwide were starting to rear its ugly head again.

This stuff has happened many times in our long history, but why now? How? Is it purely fear of others and greed gone awry? Are we trying to keep people as uninformed as possible so that we can take advantage with baseless fear? It’s scary and awful.

We are becoming divided just at a time when we need each other most. When huge industries get replaced because of modernization, it is time to retrain and bolster up those who get swept aside. Homelessness and drug addiction are avoidable in this country if we come together and get private and public cogs turning together in a positive direction. We can at least try and tackle mental illness while we are at it.

But, alas… we stump and lie, point fingers and divide. We are way better than this. We all just want to work, provide, and not worry all of the time if we can or can’t make our rent or mortgage and put food on the table.

I created this campaign as a way to put the themes of Tenderness into action, and through it hope to bring some healing and give support to organizations doing great work.

Join me in taking action. If you do, you can get access to limited edition memorabilia and will be entered for a chance to meet me in Seattle. I hope to see you there.