Slash To Record New Guns N’ Roses Material at Axl Rose’s Home Studio This Weekend?

Axl and Slash Download Festival 2018

Slash Appears to Be Recording New Guns N’ Roses Material at Axl Rose’s Home Studio

[UPDATE]: It appears the facebook post was deleted once Management probably got wind of it. Thankfully someone took a screenshot and I’ve included it below!

Thanks to Gibbos for finding this. A post on Kruise Kontrol Amplification leaked that Guns N’ Roses producer and sound guy Caram Costanzo dropped off an amp that Slash will be using at Axl Rose’s studio in his Malibu home. Check out the post below!

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Post That Was Deleted

In other Guns N’ Roses news

Guns N’ Roses Selling Some Pretty Cool Mother’s Day Shirts & Laughable Wine Glass

With Mother’s Day approaching your probably in search of the perfect gift. Look no further than Guns N’ Roses online store where you have the choice between three types of shirts and a wine glass. You can check out the shirts below and the wine glass can be viewed here. There’s only 300 of the wine glasses for sale and the description is laughable. I’m hoping their’s no lead in the projectile. The wine glass retails for $30 US, while the shirts retail for $35 US a piece. If you order by May 1st you’ll get the items in time for Mother’s Day according to the website. Keep in mind this is a perk only for US customers. The description of the wine glass is as follows:

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“Swirl and sip in style with the wine glass that’s a little bit of class… and a whole lot of bad rock n roll! With a genuine .308 projectile embedded in the side, this Lucky Shot stemless Bullet Wine Glass is expertly handcrafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, whether that’s a rich Bordeaux or a round of target practice. 100% authentic bullet embedded in the glass. Not dishwasher safe. Please hand wash only. “

These were probably designed by Fernando, while the real tour manager Angie Warner does the real work.

Also going on on the Guns N’ Roses Merchandise Store is a pretty big sale. Almost all of the items on the store are discounted up to 25% including the music and clothing. I do get a lot of questions about the Nightrain membership and for $45 a year or however much they charge I don’t think it’s worth the money. You do get first dibs on tickets, but they aren’t great seats and the added perks don’t amount to much. On top of that I’ve talked to people who said it took a long time to get their membership merchandise. Hence why I am not a member.