The Time Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose Inspired A Broadway Style Musical!

Axl Rose

Axl Rose Inspired a 1998 Broadway Style Musical Called “White Trash Wins the Lotto”

Back in 1998, Axl Rose was considered the “Howard Hughes” of Rock N’ Roll. He hadn’t been seen publically in almost 4 years and the only time he surfaced in that period was an arrest at the airport in Phoenix after he got into a scuffle with security. During the same year a broadway style musical called “White Trash Wins the Lotto” was loosely inspired by Rose. Check out our video taking a look at that musical including an appearance on the Conan O’Brien’s Late Night Show. Axl was actually invited to a screening of the play but declined the invitation.

According to an LA Times article that came out in 1998 it stated the following:

While listening to them ply their craft one night about two years ago, Prieboy said, he idly wondered “how my neighbors, having no rock ‘n’ roll background, would have interpreted the Axl Rose story. It had all the characteristics of a great Broadway musical: Young boy comes from nowhere with a trunk full of dreams, conquers the world and almost loses his soul.”

He immediately wrote some lines that he said were “so awful, I was laughing.” He soon worked a few songs into his regular Largo performances. Audiences’ reactions were so positive that in recent months Prieboy’s shows have featured the musical exclusively.

“I thought it was incredibly innovative and very funny,” said Danny Strick, president of BMG Songs, the U.S. music publishing company that will help Prieboy get the show produced.

Strick views “White Trash” as “a classic musical, not a rock musical per se,” even though the story involves a rock band. “He deals with the music business in an allegorical way,” Strick noted, with sharp observations about the consequences of success.