Duff McKagan Talks With Eddie Trunk About New Guns N’ Roses Material, Solo Record and More!

Duff McKagan with Guns N' Roses

Duff McKagan and Shooter Jennings Calls Into Eddie Trunk’s Podcast!

Duff McKagan is doing the rounds promoting his upcoming solo record Tenderness, which comes out on May 31, 2019. He stopped by Eddie Trunk’s podcast along with Producer Shooter Jennings who will join him on tour and discussed the following:

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  • Duff talked about the inspiration behind the record and how touring with Guns N’ Roses made him an observer of what’s going on in America and around the world.
  • Shooter Jennings talked about playing with Duff’s Loaded and being influenced by Guns N’ Roses. Shooter said he played with the guys from Velvet Revolver when he was only 23 and 24. Shooter said he reached out to Duff about working on his solo record and they magically fell together.
  • Shooter Jennings confirmed that he did try to audition for Velvet Revolver but he never sent his track in because he was embarassed by the whole thing. Shooter said Dave Kushner’s kids go to the same school as Shooter’s. He didn’t think he was good enough to sing with Velvet Revolver.
  • Duff praised Shooter and said he is so versatile and that he is working with Marilyn Manson at the moment.
  • Duff said working with Shooter was one of the best experiences he’s had working on a record.
  • This interview appears to have been taped several months ago as Eddie talked about the new single Tenderness, which was released a while back. The air date of the podcast says April 17, 2019.
  • Duff joked that he didn’t remember making most of the Believe in Me Record from 1993.
  • Duff said his daughter’s are worried about what’s going on in the world.
  • Duff said the success of the “Not in This Lifetime Tour” surprised him.
  • Duff said the following about new Guns N’ Roses material and without being prompted said the following “I’ve heard some new material and we’ve….there’s been some jams going around that’s the next step for us the GNR thing.” Eddie followed up the question and Duff said that “The album is real. But the fun part and the cool part about Guns N’ Roses is we don’t really talk about it. What happens next just happens.”
  • Duff said they will probably do some songs from Use Your Illusion albums on Duff’s upcoming tour. Shooter said he’s a huge fan of those albums.