AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Breaks His Silence & Appears to Be In Good Spirits!

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Gives First Interview In a Long Time

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson gave his first interview in a very long time and based on the interview he seems to be doing well even though he didn’t comment on what AC/DC is up to. He spoke with Edibles Arosato and discussed his love of food.

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Our sunny, surfside city has been attracting outsiders for ages, so it’s no surprise when anyone with eyeballs wants to move here and make Sarasota the backdrop of his life. But, it’s all the more exciting when we reel in a big catch like Brian Johnson, who says Sarasota “just feels like home.” It made the most sense to talk turkey with Brian at Darwin Evolutionary Cuisine, the brick-and-mortar restaurant of his long-time favorite local chef, Darwin Santa Maria, who burst onto the food scene over a decade ago with a bold Peruvian fusion flair that captured the attention of many a Sarasota food lover.

Brian remembers the very first time he had Darwin’s Tuna Tiradito, a culinary rebellion when it debuted, of thinly sliced rare tuna “cooked” in vibrant citrus juice paired with sweet watermelon cubes that “kisses the back of your throat, kisses your tonsils,” as Brian says. That meal became the appetizer to what would eventually become a beautiful relationship between the Johnsons and the Santa Marias built on friendship, humor, and food, glorious food. Now, years later, wherever Darwin is cooking is wherever Brian and his wife, Brenda, are eating, whether it be at the restaurant or a backyard barbecue. Darwin’s wife, Lellys, joined us to discuss her husband’s passion for cooking and why this particular friendship means so much.

So, what was his favorite food as a kid? “There was no diversity where I grew up,” says Brian. “It was after the war. The food was bland. It had to be—ration books didn’t let you get creative. Ma, being Italian, made our own pasta and she’d make these small donuts. They were so simple, she just tossed them in sugar. But the smell that went out of the house would bring all the neighbors around. All my friends would knock and ask ‘Bri, is your mom makin’ the donuts?’” he says nostalgically. “That flavor and her fresh pasta,” he sighs. “Everyone tries to overdo the simple things. It doesn’t need it.”