Friend: Izzy Stradlin Feels Disrespected By The Guns N’ Roses Reunion & Health Update!

Izzy Stradlin

Friend Reveals His Recent Conversation With Izzy Stradlin

Howie Hubberman recently shared a conversation he had with Izzy Stradlin on Brando’s Appetite for Distortion podcast.

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The show description says, “Billy Rowe returns to the show. We got Billy’s story in episode 64, and today he’s here to update us on all things Jetboy. Also joining is Howie Hubberman, an entrepreneur that once invested money a couple unknown bands, Guns N’ Roses and Poison.

Billy and Howie go way back, so we hear them reminisce about the early days of GNR and Jetboy. We learn about Howie’s path that lead him to open a guitar shop in the early 80s, where he sold guitars to many would-be-famous people, including Slash and Izzy Stradlin. Howie recently spoke to Izzy and we get an update on how he is.”

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izzyshounds a fan page summarized the discussion on Instagram stating that Howie described:

・Said that he felt that Izzy should definitely have been involved in the NITL tour, he should’ve gotten paid his proper share, and not have been offered less than his worth.

・Said Izzy is in “great physical condition” probably in better physical shape than any of the other GNR guys, even Duff. He seemed to emphasize this fact.

・Said Izzy is a “very intelligent guy”, and very knowledgeable about other things in life, aside from just music. (Also said that Duff is very intelligent too)

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What’s funny is that Izzy appeared in public about a year ago with Matt Sorum and didn’t look very healthy according to a doctor friend of me. I am glad to hear that Izzy is doing really well and his attitude appeared to have shifted towards the reunion when he was interviewed by the Wall Street journal last year where he seemed a little more content with how things turned out.