13 Years Ago Axl Rose Made A Surprise Appearance on Eddie Trunk’s Radio Show & Gives One of His Longest Interviews!

Axl Rose Eddie Trunk, 2011

13 Years Ago Axl Rose Makes a Surprise Appearance on Eddie Trunk’s Radio Show!

13 years ago Axl Rose stopped by Eddie Trunk’s late night show and talked about his upcoming US tour at the time and chatted with Chris Jericho and Sebastian Bach who were also in the studio at the time. It was an exciting time for fans since Axl doesn’t traditionally do a lot of interviews. You can listen to the full interview below!

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Eddie Trunk even wrote a blog on his site at the time about the appearance saying the following:

DATE: May 6, 2006


Wow, not even sure where to begin. It has been an amazing week that ended with one of the most incredibly special nights of radio in my 23 year career. I always preach that I do a different type of radio show and you never know what will happen, and last night backes that up BIG TIME! It is all over the web and news that Axl Rose picked my show to break a silence of over a decade. Sure Axl has done some very small interviews in the past, but this was a 2 1/2 hour hang with me, Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian and Chris Jerricho. When he walked into the studio to join us everyone was almost speachless for a second. There is WAY to much to talk about and cover. From how and why it happened, to what happened off the air, to what happened after the radio show ended and we hit the town until 6AM. Axl looked great and was totally cool. His only request was no photos, which is why none exist online. So much to tell you guys and I will post in much more detail very soon. In all honesty I am just completely wiped out and need some time to chill on all this. I also spent all day Friday with Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Scott Travis of Judas Priest. I’ll also tell you about that soon. Also, I know there is audio all over the web, most of it incomplete. I have every second of this show and it will be posted eventually in it’s true form on this site. PLEASE BE AWARE ANY NON AUTHORIZED BROADCAST OF ANY PART OF THIS SHOW IS NOT PROHIBITED! IF YOU ARE A RADIO STATION INTERESTED IN THIS AUDIO PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH THIS SITE! THIS IS EXCLUSIVE COPYWRITTEN MATERIAL THAT IS THE PROPERTY OF EDDIE TRUNK AND KGB RADIO NETWORKS!

I was the first to play the new music years ago, and now the first to have an in depth interview with the legend himself! Still can’t get your local station to broadcast my show? LET THEM KNOW ABOUT IT! You would have heard this live!!

It was also great to clear the air and any tension with Axl between me and Mike Piazza over the leak. Mike actually called in and Axl was cool. I can not say THANK YOU enough to Sebastian Bach for making this all possible! Bas and I spent a couple days together doing radio and TV in support of the new Supergroup show and told me he would get this to happen and he did. Simply put this would never have happened with out Bas, I owe you big time bro! Much more to come about this historic night as soon as I get some sleep and recover. Axl, thank you for this incredible exclusive and for being so cool and hanging. Who knows, maybe we will do it again soon……much more coming very soon to this site exclusively!