Did Slash Just Say That He Doesn’t Think There Will Be A New Guns N’ Roses Record?


Slash Was Recently Asked About a New Guns N’ Roses Record

Slash was recently interviewed by an Argentinian news outlet and was asked about the possibility of a new Guns N’ Roses record. Now the interview is in Spanish, but I used google translate and maybe something got lost but here’s how the exchange went:

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-I was asked not to ask anything about Guns N Roses, but I need to know if there is any chance of them recording a new album.

-At this point, we all want to make a new record. That’s true. But from there to actually doing it … I do not think it will finally happen. We’ll see what happens. 

Now it’s important to note that this interview took place a few weeks ago, prior to the news story about Slash showing up at Axl’s house to do some recording. Maybe things changed or maybe it was translated poorly. Some fans on the forum had a heart attack when they read that. I guess the real evidence is going to be how soon Slash will be back in the studio with the Conspirators. I think if he is back in the studio with the Conspirators next year it’s game over for any future recordings from Guns N’ Roses. That’s just my two cents. Axl, Slash and Duff have all reiterated in past interviews that they are interested in working on new music, but the clues seem to indicate that it will be Axl’s leftover material from “Chinese Democracy’ which would prove to be quite disappointing since they are not creating material from scratch. As we get more news on this story we will keep you guys and gals updated.

In the meantime check out my 7 theories of what the future holds for Guns N’ Roses below!

7 Possible Theories As to What Slash Is Working With Axl Rose On

Earlier this week we were the first news publication to break the news that Slash would be recording new music at Axl Rose’s Malibu studio this weekend. What does this mean? Are Guns N’ Roses recording a new record, a one off song or something else? We take a look at six possible theories of what the future could hold for Guns N’ Roses based on this recent news.

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Theory #1 – Film Soundtrack

One of the most plausible theories is that Guns N’ Roses are recording a single song for the new Terminator movie coming out th”is fall. If you guys remember, Guns N’ Roses licensed their song You Could Be Mine from Use Your Illusion 2 for use in James Cameron’s Terminator 2 movie. In addition to that the music video featured Arnold himself and lots of footage from the movie. It’s also a coincidence that last September Arnold was spotted in Hungary shooting the movie while wearing a Guns N’ Roses shirt as you can see below. This shot was taken while he was biking around Budapest probably. While James Cameron isn’t directing the film he is a producer on it and has said he wants to take the movie back to its roots.

Theory #2 – Guns N’ Roses Will Release A Live Record/DVD

It has been speculated for a few years that Guns N’ Roses will be releasing a Live DVD or live concert from the recently completed Not in This Lifetime Tour. There were rumors way back to 2016 where a sign was placed outside of Dodgers Stadium saying they were filming the concert for a possible future release. It’s also coincidental that a lot of fan footage from the recently completed tour has been pulled from YouTube by the Copyright Holders. This same thing happened last year prior to the Appetite for Destruction reissue being released. That’s the only reason I could speculate why a live version of Coma would be pulled. In addition to that it’s possible Slash is doing overdubs on his live parts. Given the fact that the band is playing festivals in late September and early to mid-October it seems like the perfect time given that the new Terminator movie is due out November 1, 2019. Perhaps the band will premiere what they’ve been working on at those dates.

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Theory #3 – Slash is Working on Chinese Democracy Leftovers

A few months prior (March 2019) Guns N’ Roses former Manager Alan Niven gave an interview where he discussed a recent conversation he had with Slash saying

“Well, it isn’t so much ‘my take’, it’s what Curly [Slash] said to me the last time that I saw him which was when he came through Phoenix here just a few months ago. He told me that basically Axl [Rose] was in isolation, going through stuff that was recorded, but not used, on Chinese Democracy. You know, if I’d been making the comment, the next record might as well be called Chinese Leftovers.

I’m not just trying to be cynical, taking a poke at him, though obviously I am in a way, but out of Slash’s mouth that is what’s going on, and he didn’t seem too thrilled about it. Also, you know Duff [McKagan], love him to death, is this Duff the accountant we’re listening to, Duff the PR guy, or Duff the rock and roll bassist? Can he contribute to something new and wonderful?

Theory #4 – Slash is Working on Brand New Material With Axl Rose

All the things we’ve heard so far from past interviews indicate that Axl Rose has a lot of leftover material to work on. That is the case, but perhaps they are starting from scratch as well. Based on Slash’s previous interviews he stated that the band won’t start talking about a new record until this August/September when he’s off the road with the Conspirators and back home.

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Theory #5 – Guns N’ Roses Are Working on a Mark Bolan Tribute Project

Remember that crazy rumor last year that said Guns N’ Roses would record the T-Rex song “Children of the Revolution?” Well, when the director behind the project denied it, he did let something else slip that Axl Rose was supposedly working on a separate Mark Bolan project. Here’s what he said.

“They are NOT on the record.  In fact, ‘Children of the Revolution’ is done by Kesha with a live orchestra that features Wayne Kramer and LA’s Jack band that has members of Elvis C[ostello’s] and Jackson B[rowne’s] bands. There is a rumor that Axl Rose recorded that song for a different Bolan project without GN’R but again, it is not ours.” 

He does say that Axl is recording without Guns N’ Roses, but who knows maybe he changed his mind

Theory #6 – Guns N’ Roses Are Working on Material From Their Aborted 94-96 Sessions

There was a news story earlier in the year of a guy who claimed he had some of the failed Guns N’ Roses session tapes from the 94-96 period including some of Izzy’s 1995 material he wrote with the band. I’ve included the photo below. This material is apparently from Rumbo Recorders. Apparently someone from Guns N’ Roses management got in touch with him and picked up the tapes. Here’s what he had to say about what took place

“So last year when GnR did their LA shows a couple of fans from this page decided to come to my warehouse for a visit. While looking around they saw a row of tapes and they took a closer look. Next thing i know they are taking pics with the tapes and saying “rumbo tapes”… Ive been to rumbo many times so it meant nothing to me, but i did mention it to a GnR crew member. He mentioned it to management and the next thing i knew there was a guy at my warehouse picking them up, cataloging them and bringing them to a safe storage. I had them for over 20 years. So now they are safe and maybe some new “old” music will be forth comming in the comming years….”

Based on interviews Axl gave in 2008 on different forums, the 94-96 sessions is very blues sounding and mostly consists of Slash’s material.

Theory #7 – Slash is Working on New Conspirators Material

Slash has hinted in recent interviews that he’s already begun to write the next Conspirators record. Perhaps Axl offered up his home studio. What’s weird is that Slash has his own studio so why not just record there?

What are your theories?