Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Reveals What Types of Music He Raised His Kids On

Slash and Perla Hudson

Slash Discusses What Musical Influences His Kids Were Raised On

Slash was recently interviewed by an Argentinian news outlet and was about what types of music he raised his kids on. He said the following:

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-Once you said that your father was the one who introduced you to rock, making you listen to great violins. What kind of music do you listen to with your own children today?

-My children have always been in contact with the music that I listen to, and a lot of my material in pre-production status, so they grew up with a lot of rock and roll, heavy metal, blues and whatever I’ve been listening to. And I always made them listen to the demos of what I was doing, since they were born.

It seems like it’s paid off since his son London plays drums in the band “Classless Act” and his other song Cash creates hip hop beats he sells on Instagram.

Slash also discussed the future of rock n’ roll in the same interview. Here’s the exchange

 Will that change in the future? 

-We’ll see what happens. There is definitely a new way in which new and young rock bands break through and emerge, we will see if this is the case to change this scene. Likewise, I have been watching young and hungry musicians gather for the right reasons, to triumph with their bands. That may be interesting. I think the most important thing is that someone comes out doing rock and roll but at the same time it’s different, it has originality, it has not been seen before. That may be the reason why nothing big has been coming up: because there has not been anything really new and exciting that transcends all the others.

-Your music at this point is already labeled as classic. Do you feel that way?

-I do not analyze it much. I do what I like to do and play what I think I would like to hear. I have never been in tune with what sounds in current or trendy music. I never followed those trends, or what happens in pop. Even with Guns N ‘Roses, as successful as that band was … or is. When we left at the beginning, it was not trying to do the same as the rest (laughs). I never thought about how to fit in the labels.