Guns N’ Roses Duff McKagan Appears On Eddie Trunk With Sammy Hagar!

Duff McKagan with Guns N' Roses

Duff McKagan Stops By Trunk Nation’s LA Invasion Yesterday!

Duff McKagan stopped by Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation Radio Show on Sirius XM. Eddie was in LA for his LA Invasion show at the Rainbow Bar and Grill.. Duff talked about the following:

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  • The inspiration behind his record Tenderness, which comes out May 31, 2019. How Cable News was responsible for the record and how Duff turned off social media while on tour wit hGuns N’ Roses.
  • Duff was asked about whether the songs on Tenderness were ever considered for a new Guns N’ Roses album. Duff kind of dodged the question and said the songs are small part of whta he experienced on the tour, so who knows maybe he has other material written for a new Guns N’ Roses record.
  • Shooter Jennings was also interviewed and talked about Guns N’ Roses being a huge influence on him and how he hooked up with Duff.
  • Duff said he hates using Ways and Navigation Aps. SUPER PUNK ROCK Of Duff!
  • Part of the recording process was done on Tape.
  • Guitar player for Roger Waters plays on the record.
  • Duff praised the work ethic of Axl Rose and Slash
  • Duff revealed his live shows will include some “surprises” but in past interviews Shooter Jennings has hinted that there could be some songs from “Use Your Illusion” time period.
  • Duff revealed Shooter Jennings band will open for Duff and then Shooter’s band will join Duff onstage.
  • Duff said there will be some songs they haven’t played in a long time.
  • Eddie bragged about how Duff helped him get tickets to Guns N’ Roses shows at Dodger Stadium in LA in 2016. Eddie also said he was on the elliptical at the time.
  • Duff said Shooter Jennings band is one of the best live bands he’s seen.
  • Shooter is working on the new Marilyn Manson record and is seven months into it.
  • Duff talked about Lemmy a bit and how they met him at the Marquee in 1987.
  • Duff said he used to pretend he was Swedish once to get into the Rainbow when he had blue hair back in the day. He said he was already hammered. He said it didn’t work.
  • Duff hinted he used to meet his dealer back in the day upstairs at the Rainbow.
  • Eddie Trunk asked about Guns N’ Roses future plans and Duff smirked about it according to Eddie. Duff said stuff is going super positive and things are going well and “you’ll hear more from us.” Duff said in classic GNR lingo he won’t say anything about music stuff.
  • Duff briefly talked about filling in for Tommy Stinson in 2014 and helping Axl out. Duff said he was in Australia when he got the call to play with Guns N’ Roses for a few weeks.
  • Duff promoted his Daughter and said his daughter’s band “The Pink Slips” is picking up steam. The song is called “Sweet Talk” I believe.